I [tweet] MTL ::: 11 Tweets about Montréal

Posted on June 5th, 2009 by .

Over the past few weeks I’ve been inviting my friends on Twitter (aka my “Twiends”) to tweet me their favorite things about Montréal.

Here are 11 tweets about Montréal…

@jsBOCK My fave thing about Montreal is a date in Old Montréal. Terrasse Sky Verses at Hotel Nelligan, then a walk in Place Jean Paul Riopelle

@pizzocalabro Hot guys with Québécois accents. Beautiful architecture, both historical and modern. Montréal-style bagels!

@customtravel Montréal… smoked meat/cool people/genuine/French-English/culture/beautful/river/Mt.Royal/metro

@jeffreysan LOL….I like Montréal because I can speak French there and everyone knows what I am saying. 😉

@xtra_canada What I love about Montréal? When St Catherine in the Village is turned into a pedestrian street for the summer – love patios!

@MathieuTO What’s not to love about Montréal? 😉

@Girlports What don’t I love about MTL may be the better question! French, la joie de vivre, cute girls, hot style, la paryse + ooh la la!

@jacklatulippe Because it’s the most swankified place in Canada! Now, you owe me a kiss!

@suefrause Genuine joie de vivre! In other words, it’s the opposite of Las Vegas :-). J’taime Montréal!

@chucksgirl Because she always gives you a two-cheek kiss! Try that in any other North American city!

@NatinMTL I’m crushing on MTL bc of bike paths, beautiful ppl, street fests& great standard of living (& you can drink wine in the park!!)

Have you got some sentiments to share?

I love it when you tweet in my direction @Daniel_Baylis!

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