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Posted on November 17th, 2009 by .

Things move fast these days. If you’ve just figured out what an iPOD BATTLE is, forget it. That’s over already. What’s the new “new”? It’s called an “Image Battle” and it’s going on right now at the SAT in Montreal…

To better understand the “Image Battle”, let’s break it down into two parts: the practical and the theoretical. Let’s start with the former and skim though the latter quickly. Which, again, is how things go these days.

This is a contest, running until November 30th, that is trying find some great, original images. You send in your submissions (full details can be found on Facebook and the MAP blog) and the 3 winners will have their work displayed on a billboard in Montreal for a month. The contest theme is “Life is an Extreme Sport” and here are some samples of what’s already been sent in. The winners will be announced on December 14th.

The people behind this all are from Make Art Public (aka MAP) and their goal is to “provide access to creativity emanating from different art fields by developing a distribution network to exhibit an artist’s work and enhance artistic awareness at the same time using public places and spaces.” In short, they’re into making art more accessible for the artist and audience while changing how we look at our public spaces.

Which, for my money, is way more interesting than having people show off what’s on their iPods. And that’s not just because I lost the only iPod battle I’ve participated in.

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