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Image+Nation is Canada’s first LGBT film festival, and has been presenting the best LGBT films from across the globe for 25 years…

The 2012 edition of Image+Nation 2012 takes place exclusively at Cinema du Parc from November 22 to December 2 and features some incredible films premiere. They have several section of festival programming like “Lived Lives” for documentaries, “Eye on the World” for an examination of international LGBT culture, and “Generation Q” which is by and for LGBT youth.

The fest opens this year on Thursday, November 22 with three films: Keep the Lights, Pariah and Une dernière chance. Keep the Lights On is a semi-autobiographical film that explores the intense, sometimes shocking, relationship and sex life between two men, while Pariah is Dee Rees’ (a former protégé of Spike Lee, who is credited as a producer) feature film debut. It’s an edgy portrayal of black lesbian sexuality and is described as “Precious meets The Colour Purple.” Un dernière chance is an NFB documentary about people seeking political asylum in Canada because of their sexual orientation and gender identity.

The closing film of the fest, on December 1, is Matthew Mishory’s Joshua Tree, 1951: A Portrait of James Dean. As expected, it’s a film that follows the life of silver screen icon James Dean as he moves his way up through Hollywood and examines the rumored relationships, however brief, between Dean and his male suitors.

Image+Nation has a nice mix of feature and short films, all of which explore the many realms of sexuality and gender identity. Some are made to tickle your funny bone like Bear City 2: The Proposal, and others take a more sinister undertone like Severed – a short about a murder of an identical twin and the disturbing way he tries to mend the loss. Lesbomundo on November 23 & 24 is a collection of lesbian centric short films. Films in this series also include Where Are The Dolls, Do You Have a Cat? and The Light.

One of the films I’m personally most excited for is Travis Matthews’ I Want Your Love. Don’t call it porn because it has much better cinematography, but it does promise lots of intimate rendez-vous that I expect will leave the audience wide-eyed and not being able to blink.



Image+Nation, November 22 – December 02, 2012

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