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Since Montreal is the only city in North America to host Indiana Jones and the Adventure of Archaeology, the Montreal Buzz made sure to attend the world premiere of the exhibit at the Montreal Science Centre…

Remember the grab-your-seat excitement of that rugged (and handsome!) archaeologist Indiana Jones, aka Harrison Ford? Well, now you can see, hear and feel that thrill again. This show is the first-ever Indy-themed exhibition, combining props and video clips from the Lucasfilm archives with archaeological information from the National Geographic Society and the Pennsylvania Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology.

Celebrating 30 years of Indiana Jones movies, this fun exhibit takes you on a winding wonderland. Enter and you are immediately on The Indie Trail. On display are materials from all four Indiana Jones movies, including iconic props like the macho motorbike and the gleaming gold Ark of the Covenant (from the movie Raiders of the Lost Ark) and the fabulous crystal skull (Kingdom of the Crystal Skull). There’s also a racy red dress – with its amusing story. Kate Capshaw wore a red sequined dress in the film Temple of Doom. However, that particular dress is no longer around: an elephant ate it! No worries: a second red outfit is shown.

Part of the fun as one walks through the different areas is the virtual tour and treasure hunt designed for children. But I loved it too! Standing in darkened rooms with my cool multi-media hand-held device (complimentary with the admission ticket), I clicked it on and listened to Harrison Ford’s welcoming narrative. Each exhibit is numbered, so I simply cued in the number for which I wanted a description and a clear explanation about the item came up. The rooms are dimly lit, just like in a movie theatre. Each area showcases a different film with costumes, sketches and video clips. (Ugh factor: One video shows a massive mound of silver, slithering snakes, much to the delight of the kids there on opening day… if not their mothers!)

The exhibition is a brilliant combination of Hollywood magic and the allure of the unknown. Alongside the film bits are more serious areas, presenting photos lent by the National Geographic Society of real archaeological digs and priceless ancient pieces on loan from Penn Museum. One of the rooms shows pictures of mysterious markings made on the ground, patterns that are massive enough to be seen clearly from high in the sky. Who made these? Why? And, more puzzling, how?

On opening day, actor John Rhys-Davis, who co-starred with Harrison Ford in Raiders of the Lost Ark and Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, flew in from New Zealand and added a touch of Hollywood glamour. And, yes, he loved Montreal!


  • Love Indie’s hat? You can buy it (and his whip!) at the Indie Boutique.
  • The exhibit will tour the world for six years. It was put together by a Montreal consortium called X3 Productions, including events producer Equipe Spectra.
  • The four Indie adventure movies have received 14 Academy Awards nominations



Indiana Jones and the Adventure of Archaeology, April 28 to September 28, 2011

Montreal Science Centre, Quays of the Old Port, 514-496-4724 or 1-877-496-4724, Metro: Place d’Armes

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