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It’s so cool that Montreal is the first city in the world to host the new Indiana Jones and the Adventure of Archaeology museum exhibition at the Montreal Science Centre. It’s all about the science of archaeology and ALSO the Indiana Jones movies, which are of course the most exciting archaeological blockbusters ever made. It was basically dreamed up for guys like me who are experienced at archaeology AND going to movies…

This is why I’m looking for the perfect date to take to the Montreal Science Centre: I wanna dig you but also go digging, you dig? I’m looking for someone intrepid and fun who doesn’t mind getting a little dirty on their knees—archaeology, my #1 passion, involves a lot of crawling around and dusting stuff off. You also have to be open-minded and curious: I’m half deer, half walrus after all.

Do you ever wonder how ancient civilizations lived? Do you like to linger for hours in front of glass cases filled with artifacts from deep underground that hint to our collective past? Do you think Harrison Ford is at his dreamiest when he’s rocking that fedora and whip? Why did he have a whip, anyway? Discuss.

The Indiana Jones and the Adventure of Archaeology is also sponsored by Lucasfilm, so of course there are some bona fide artifacts from the Indy movies: his real props and Mutt’s motorcycle, a skull of Akator and the real live Ark of the Covenant!!! Plus the costumes of all his leading ladies: if you agree to be my date, it would be amazing if you could wear a pair of jodphurs yourself. Are you more of a Kate Capshaw or a Cate Blanchett?

As far as the real archaeological artifacts go (Indy is only kind of real, after all), we’ll see gold from Mesopotamia, bowls from Nasca, Peru, as well as the world’s oldest map and wine-making set. I’ll see you there! I’ll be there basically like every day and I’m pretty hard to miss.

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