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The Queer of the Year 2011 host is Mikala Bierma, gay famous for her YouTube web series “Disappointing Gay Best Friend.” Now, if Mikala is going to host a competition in Montreal, she’ll need to know a thing or two about the Gay Village. Luckily for her, I was there to give a tour….

She arrived wearing nothing but white pants and an orange fashion jacket. Immediately I feel in love. She came with an open mind and ready to learn. A leisurely stroll under the Boules Roses, followed by an extremely difficult large puzzle in Parc Emilie Gamelin kicked off our village tour. We went into Priape to check out the naughtiness in the basement, climbed up chairs to try and kiss Mado, rubbed a Genie the wrong but right way, and frolicked amongst the red poles of Banque National’s “Manifesto”.

Gossiping about the Queer of the Year contestants, Mikala likes Jason’s legs, Yenna’s lips, Cristine’s hair, Tim’s voice, Eric’s face and Celio’s smile. She is torn and confused about who she thinks will take the entire competition. After our Gay Gossip session, we decided to find places her Disappointing Gay Best Friend co-stars would like in Montreal. Tyler the “old twink” would definitely frequent Bar Le Cocktail, Jenny the “huge Ellen fan” would be found watching the game at Le Drugstore, and Mikala the “gay twink trapped in a women’s body” would tear up the dance floor at Unity.

It’s pretty hard to explain exactly what happened during our Gay Village tour, so you’ll have to just watch the video and see for yourself!


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