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Salutations cherished personages. I am the one and only Apelope. I see nothing but beauteousness in the entities encompassing my vicinity. This is why my vocation as a Graphical Creator of Designs is as important as my love of fashion and my adoration of the genius that is GAULTIER!

My culinary cuisine is an additional aptitude that I be blessed avec. Epicurean delights gush from my various high-end apparati for cuisining. I have oodles of apps for cooking, but I don’t utilize any of them. Instead I just let me palate guide me. I feel the spices, the oils and the produce. They speak to me. I fuse my cuisine and my design in my edibles.

The sole being that could even verge on comprehension of my lifestyle aesthetic would be the nonpareil Jean Paul Gaultier. The divine celestial being of haute-couture, design and vision. He virtually compiled the publication on intrepid fashion. This is why the only important thing to do this summer is the Jean-Paul Gaultier exhibition at the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts. Can you imagine of anything more sublime? I am certain you can not. From June to October in Montreal, it promises to be an effusive event teeming with fashion, sketches, video and multimedia interaction. Bringing it to another plane of wondrousness, mannequins will have visages projected on them. How futuristique! I just, I just adore him. I idolize every morsel of his being. I breathe le Male, I am le Classique, and I bathe in Madame.

There are divers reasons for my elation about this exhibition. The couture, men in skirts, the enfant terrible! I’m budgeting how many times I will go between June 17 and October 2, 2011.

I Bid Adieu!


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