Jello Bar gets its groove back!

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Wondering where to go for delicious martinis and live music in Montreal? I got two words for you: Jello Bar! Now, I usually leave to my colleague Brendan to fill out in on MONTREAL NIGHTLIFE, but I love Jello bar so much, I simply couldn’t hold back on this one. Plus, it makes for a great girls night out!
More than a martini lounge, a vibrant nightclub and a musical venue, Jello Bar also happens to be my very favourite hangout spot! Three-times deemed in the top three bars of the planet by no less than, Jello Bar has seen the likes of Queen Latifah, Bruce Willis, Liv Tyler, Wesley Snipes, Nicholas Cage and even – I  hate reminding myself I missed this one— my very own Denzel, grooving to the 60s retro vibe of the intimate Montreal institution.
When the owner of Jello Bar got very ill in 2004, the soulful spot was sold and eventually shut down in 2008. But thanks to Patricia Vetter, my Jello-less days are gone!! The original manager of Jello Bar’s 1990s heyday has now bought, re-vamped, re-decorated, re-furnished, re-painted and re-opened the legendary spot!
Those who know me know that I’m a big, BIG fan of soul, funk and motown. How can I begin explaining the hours spent washing the dishes while dreaming of smoky Detroit jazz clubs, seducing Ray Charles, grooving with Sam Cooke, stepping to Al Green, and swaying to Donny Hathaway.
Well now that the Jello is back, I don’t have to pretend anymore! Jello Bar is the house of soul, funk, retro and all things groovy and cool.  Mind you, I’ve also traded my yellow rubber gloves for one of Jello’s signature martini (that’s Mango Fusion Finlandia Vodka, Calvados and Mangoyan liquor, with a splash of frozen fresh mango and orange juice imported straight from Italy).
With more than two dozen martinis to choose from, better not be the indecisive type – like me, that is. Although with all the interesting prospects at the Jello, spending 10 minutes deciding over martinis at the bar, really ain’t that bad.
On top of the great drinks list, what I appreciate the most about Jello is the great attitude, hospitality and fine entertainment. With nightly live music at 10pm, 11:30pm and 1am, no wonder everyone is all smiles.
On Wednesdays, don’t miss my favourite DJ, the renowned Toddy Flores. Make sure you also drop through on Swing Thursdays, for your free weekly swing lessons. And as of October, Monday nights will be dedicated to Quebec’s industry night, so come get your groove on with the crème-de-la-crème of Montreal artists.
Whether you prefer lounging on a sofa, standing at the bar, dancing in the middle, sitting at a corner table or shooting pool in the back, Jello Bar has something for you. That’s a down-to-earth, intimate and vibrant place with first-class entertainment for adults with a keen love for good music, positive people and fabulous drinks.
Plus, it’s only steps away from all the hot nightlife action on St-Laurent Boulevard, right at the heart of downtown Montreal! Which means you’re either only a short walk or cab ride away. Wanna take the tube? Your stop is St-Laurent Metro. Now be safe and have fun!

Jello Bar
151 Ontario St. East
514- 285-2009
St-Laurent Metro

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