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If you’ve ever had a gay bone in your body, or if you’ve ever wanted one, then you’ll most definitely want to get yourself to Montreal on February 27.  Madonna’s Jailbait, Jesus Luz, will be spinning all sorts of delicious gay anthems at Montreal’s largest gay club, Unity. It is bound to be a dance-a-licious gay fest.

Before I heard through the grapevine that Jesus was coming, I didn’t actually know that much about this former model turned famewhore (wait, am I allowed to say that here?). So I did what any inquisitive chap would do – I googled him.  It turns out that this little Brazilian churrasco is not unattractive! I came upon his MySpace page, and unshockingly his profile shot is a pic of him chillin’ with Madonna. And if his DJ set is anything like his MySpace playlist, then expect plenty of remixes from the Material Girl. And you’ll probably get treated to the Jesus version of last year’s monstrous hit “When Love Takes Over.”

There won’t be many gays complaining about that.

So get out and support this fella! Life as a model and a DJ is no walk in the park! *

*But seriously, it’s going to be a sizzling night.

The Deets:

Who: DJ Jesus Luz

Where: Club Unity – 1171 Ste-Catherine East

When: February 27, 2010

Charge: $20

Insider Tip: Because of the top name DJs that Club Unity attracts, there is often a line. No need to worry, because the line moves quickly. This being said, it’s winter here in Montréal. Now insert your mother’s voice here – “Wear your coat!”

And here’s a little video to give you a taste of the hot Jesus action…

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