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Montreal comedian Joey Elias has performed at over a dozen Just For Laughs festivals. With two very different shows on the go this year, we figured he was the perfect person to ask about the JFL 2011 lineup and answer the question of what, exactly, makes Montreal so great in the summer…

Joey Elias started doing standup in 1992, supposedly because he lost a pool hall bet. Since then, he’s toured the world making people laugh and appeared in TV specials and major Hollywood movies. For this year’s Just for Laughs, he’s doing two very different shows: Bumps, Bruises and Bedtime Stories, a hockey-themed extravaganza and CBC’s The Debaters, a hugely popular mano-e-hilarious-mano series. But why listen to us explain all this when you can just watch the video above and hear it straight from the far funnier mouth of Joey himself.



Just for Laughs, July 5-31, 2011

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