Jubilating over Orange Julep in Montreal

Posted on September 16th, 2009 by .

The Orange Julep is as good as it gets in terms of roadside attractions and world-famous beverages. Built more than 60 years ago by Harmas Gibeau, a man who dreamed of living in a giant three-storey orange with his wife and kids, the Orange Julep has become a real Montreal institution, serving what is in my opinion the most luscious, sweet and creamy delicacy in the history of orange juice. Do yourself a favour and read on!
Built just off the Decarie Expressway, the Orange Julep is one of my favourite secret hangouts in Montreal for a many reasons:
1) It’s the only place I allow myself to believe I’m in the movie Grease.
2) It’s simple and old-school. You order outside, you eat in your car or at the picnic table.
3) Watching awkward teenagers on their first dates makes me smile.
4) Watching men showing off their powerful engines, vintage cars and motorbikes makes me smile.
5) Looking at the big orange dome and thinking there’s a man who wanted to raise his kids in there makes me smile.
6) I’m a sucker for Orange Julep beverages.
As I sat in my car, sipping on my heavenly julep, I tried to put words on what my taste buds were experiencing. It’s sugary, it’s foamy, it’s frothy… Damn it’s good! Yet, Gibeau’s juleps are nutritious, contain a significant dose of vitamin C, 0g of fat and only 96 calories per 250 ml. How do they create this mysterious wonder?
Now being the curious person that I am, I obviously tried to get the 411 on the secret Orange Julep family recipe. I tried, but they wouldn’t crack. Unfortunately, it seems I’ll need to hire James Bond to uncover this mystery.
Interestingly enough, you’ll notice in THIS PICTURE that the juice is served from a big container, which is piped down from the top of the orange! You have to love Gibeau for that – and for the 1-liter cartons of juice that you can bring back home to make some of these yummy ORANGE JULEP-BASED RECIPES.
And don’t forget, the Orange Julep also means banana splits, cheeseburgers and poutine, so unless you’re only going for the OJ, leave the diet at home!
If you’re visiting from out of town, hop on the tube and get out at Namur Metro. You can’t miss the Big Orange, it just off the Decarie Expressway, near the corner of Jean-Talon Boulevard!

Gibeau’s Orange Julep
(Metro Namur)
7700 Décarie Blvd.
Montréal, QC
H4P 2H4
(514) 738-7486

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