Julia Child’s Got Me Craving French Food

Posted on November 14th, 2009 by .

As a food blogger, I really can’t claim to be objective about the Julie & Julia movie. Obviously I liked it – between the depiction of Julie’s life to the food scenes, what’s not to love?

I won’t bother going into a full movie analysis – plenty have done so before me – but there’s a post on Foodsection.com that pretty much expresses my sentiments. If I will say one thing, though, it’s that Meryl Streep was absolutely spectacular.

Anyway, back to my craving for French food. As I left the movie theatre, I wanted to eat something classically French, and remembered that my Corsican friend had raved about the pig snout and head cheese at Atwater Market’s Terrines et pâtés. Normally, these dishes would never really call out to me, but with the magic of the movie fresh in my mind, I decided to give it a try.

Watch the video – it says more than words can express.


OK, so the pig snout was actually quite good. Not the kind of thing you want to admit on a first date, but honestly, I’d eat it again. As for the head cheese, however, it tastes even worse than the name suggests (and no, it’s not even a cheese product. It’s meat and jelly and who-knows-what else).

Frankly, if there are any fans of head cheese out there, I’m asking you to fess up. Tell me how you eat it and what you like about it. I’m genuinely curious!

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