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Hey mortals, it’s Foxutan here. What am I? Well I can tell you I’m Foxy with a whole lotta rangutang in mah booty (little joke there). Most people want to be my friend because if you run in my circle, you run in all circles… you get me? And I swear anyone is welcome. LOL except those freaky Ceagle brothers… like honestly, they need to just not even. Simmer down children, it’s Just for Laughs…

Some people call me a witch with a CAPITAL B – but they just don’t get me. If you’re going to play with fire, then you’re going to get burned. Take Foodle for example, the other day she was totally wearing a scrunchy. And I was like “sweetheart, scrunchies need to burn in hellfire” and she got a tad upset but really girl needs to just get over it because I was totally doing her a favour she just doesnt realize it yet but will totally thank me later. I really do good, I swear.

I just saw the line up for the 2011 Just for Laughs festival in Montreal… In my humble opinion, they should just rename it the “Mediocre Looking White Men Make a Funny” Festival. Don’t get me wrong though, these 6s (at best) are funny stuff! Maybe it’s, like, the law that all comedians have to look liked aged parmesan (I’m talking to you Eddie Izzard!) Is that a stage name, or do your parents hate you? Considering you went with “comedy” as a career choice I’ll put my dollars on the latter.

Comedy sensation Russell Peter is also going to be there. So many fun facts about Russell pouring out of this little birdy’s mouth (aka the Just For Laughs website). Like did you know his memoir “Call Me Russell” hit #1 on the Globe and Mail Non-Fiction Bestseller list. Aiming high Russell, aren’t we? Wake me up when it gets to #1 on something important like iTunes or Amazon. And according to Forbes magazine, he’s among the top ten highest earning comedians with a reported haul of fifteen whole dollars. Below is a video of Peters talking about how the whole world is mixing. FESTANIMALS, FTW!

Jimmy Carr will also be there, which came as a complete shock to me because I thought he died like a billion years ago… No? Different Jimmy? Whatever, “The Guardian” called him “something something comedy hero of our time something” which again came as a complete shock because I had never heard of him before either.

Craig Ferguson on the other hand is coming and that is one piece of sexy irish meat that I’m totally ok with. He really does have a wee little bit a sex appeal! But having the most sex appeal at Just For Laughs is kinda like being the tallest midget. I’m also superdooper excited for Eric Overstreet! WHO?! LMAO. Even the posters for Just For Laughs have the “FROM MODERN FAMILY” disclosure underneath his name. But will he be playing his lovable snuggable character from Modern Family we’ve all come to know and love? We’ll just have to find out when Just for Laughs hits Montreal from July 5 – 31st.

Ummm I also feel like I should mention that John Oliver is performing. Not that I’m super excited about it but he’s on the front page of the website so… He’s doing something about the Decline of the American Empire? It promises to be a political infused show, so basically only 4 people will ACTUALLY  get the references to random politicians, but still about 8 people will laugh because a few will feel that they should laugh and they know it’s supposed to be funny even though they have no idea what the hell these people are talking about.

Oh- the best part of Just for Laughs is its happening on my favourite street! St. Denis near Berri UQAM! I see it as a street where restaurants and bars go to become unremarkable, and then just fester there for decades and decades until somehow its eventually considered a “landmark” or a “montreal staple“. Whatever happened to STANDARDS people. uhg whatever. I’m going to fou asie and then to saint-sulpice

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  1. Miranda

    / May 23rd

    There is also the Just for Laughs parade in July, from the sounds of it, it will be a spectacular homage to Jean Paul Gaultier, Montreal, fashion, dance, arts…Sort of like an Edie Izzard show complete with cone bras…

  2. Joanne Elton

    / Jun 11th

    Joanne Elton
    a few seconds ago
    Joanne Elton

    Hi ,
    My daughter is holding this fashion designer’s sale there in Montreal. Maybe you can get a few friends together and check it out! It is from 12-6pm Sunday.
    This Weekend in Montreal: Quartier Mode Pops Up – The Swelle Life
    It turns out that ‘pop up’ is the same in French! At least in Quebecois, there is a difference, you know. Quartier Mode is hosting its first Pop-up shop this weekend in Montreal at Preloved boutique, 4066 Boulevard St. Laurent….
    The Swelle Life
    A collection of beautiful things to see, ponder, explore and wear.

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