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Montreal audiences will have a chance to preview Dinner for Schmucks at a gala screening tonight as part of the Just For Laughs film line-up, with roach present to receive JFL’s Director of the Year award.

Steve Carrell confirmed last weekend that he’ll be leaving his signature small-screen role (as Michael Scott on The Office) for the big screen at the end of this season, after a hat trick of movie releases this summer: First Date Night with Tinay Fey, then last week’s animated outing Despicable Me, and finally, in director Jay Roach’s (Austin Powers, Meet The Parents) Dinner For Schmucks, which opens in theatres July 30.

Also, “Steve will be playing for the Miami Heat”, confirmed Roach during a press day Mtl Buzz attended in LA last weekend.

Carrell plays Barry, the titular ‘schmuck’ of the film’s title (it’s an adaptation of French funnyman Francis Veber’s 1998 film Le Diner des cons.)

Barry is a tax accountant whose avocation is building dioramas of “great moments in history” with taxidermized mice. He calls them his “mousterpieces”. Funny stuff.

When asked why the role appealed to him, Carrell said, “I like the storyline it was funny, a little weird, had a heart to it, and I kind of like things that have grey areas, said Carrell. Plus, working with Jay Roach and working with Paul [Rudd, who plays Carrell’s straight man in the film] were enormous factors for me.”

“I think Jay does a great job having char comedy meets physical comedy, so I was just thrilled to be along for the ride,” he added.

Continuing the Jay roach love-fest, Rudd jumped in: “I think Austin Powers is one of the funniest movies I’ve seen, and such a surprising movie,” adds Rudd. “One of the things I think is amazing about Jay is how personal he is, just such a smart guy—I will often singe his praises because he has all this talent and yet he’s the most self-effacing guys and stealthy with his humour and his ability to write, and edit—he’s amazing and I was thrilled to be able to work with the guy.”

“My wife’s really into Paul, too” shot back Roach.

Jay Roach will receive the Just For Laughs Director of the Year award tonight following an 8 p.m. screening of Dinner for Schmucks at montreal’s Imperial Theatre.

For tickets and more info, visit hahaha.com

Guest Blogger: Melora Koepke

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