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The world is a cruel and dark place! That’s why you need the Just For Laughs Festival to bring you joy.

The Just For Laughs festival is the largest of its kind in the world. And yes, it is a comedy carnival, but the festival is also so much more: music, dance, improv, street art, film and theatre. This year’s fiesta is jam packed (again) with huge headliners and sensory-stimulating shows to inspire laughed and wonderment.

Here are some of our suggestions.



STREET ARTS – A definite highlight of the festival are the acrobats, musicians, comedians, magicians and other street artists that decorate the street. Much of it free – but feel free to share a coin or two if you like what you see! July 17 – 25.

YOUNG @ HEART – From the documentary movie that brought tears to all of our eyes comes the live show; the golden aged choir that covers contemporary pop hits and creates heartfelt entertainment at its best. July 13.

STEVE MARTIN – Everyone’s favorite jerk will be hosting two very special shows. July 17.

PAMELA ANDERSON – No introduction needed for the Canadian blonde shell. She’ll be hosting an evening of comedy. But will she be funny? Go and find out. July 15.

TAP DOGS – The Australian tap dance troupe will hypnotize you with their rhythmic moves. It’s STOMP meets Gene Kelly. July 13 – 25.

THE NASTY SHOW – Uncensored comedy at its dirtiest. If you’re easily offended, you’re f***ed. July 6 – 11.

KEVIN SMITH – Mr. Clerks will be hosting a ‘no-holds barred’ Q&A where the audience is the catalyst to the hilarious, and insightful look into the life of this independent spirit. July 15.



This year, for the first time in festival history, the Just For Laughs Comedy Conference (a conference within the festival) can be attended by comedy enthusiasts, students and young professionals who want to know more about what goes on inside the comedy world. Get inside the beast with access to a whole slew of tantalizing events! It’s a rare opportunity to learn from, and mingle with, the giants of the industry, while enjoying some great shows. Kevin Smith tells all (see above).  July 15-17. $99.

Extra info for COMICPRO…



Just For Laughs Festival
Montreal Edition
July 7 – 18, 2010


WHERE TO STAY: If your budget elicits little laughter, try the fun and affordable Hotel Celebrities. If you are looking to laugh in the lap of luxury, try the decadent Hôtel le Crystal.

WHERE TO EAT: You might get to the point where your eyes simply cannot handle any more excitement. Go relax in the dark at O.Noir, where you can eat without your sight!

WHAT ELSE TO DO: If comedy is your thing, check out the Just For Laughs Museum for the history of laughter.


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