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Before we get into listing some great spots in Montreal that specialize in karaoke, I’ve got a couple fun alternatives for your consideration. If you’ve ever jammed out to Bob Marley and thought your “No Woman, No Cry” was on par with his, House of Reggae’s weekly reggae karaoke is clearly for you.

Another cool as dirt option is uRockaoke which does regular bar nights and special events and features a live band made up of musicians from some of the city’s best indie groups. And finally, a new kid on the block is Crowd Karaoke , whose premise is simple and kind of genius: everyone in attendance sings together, rowdy choir style. While unfortunately their latest installment just passed, make sure to practice up at some of the places below and join in the crowd next time around…

Pang Pang : By far, Montreal’s best spot for karaoke. It’s all private rooms and more expensive than most spots, but it’s totally decked out, the drinks are great and while they do have a lot of Japanese and Korean songs, don’t worry- they do have Cher.

Bar Zoe : A place that recognizes that for many students of the Karaoke arts, the accompanying drinks are a vital part of the equation. As such, they focus almost as much on their cocktail list as they do their 150,000 song list. And if you’re the type of person that likes to group your slight wacky activities together, Bar Zoe also serves up a mean fondue.

La Boîte à Karaoke : On its Facebook page, La Boîte à Karaoke asks “Have you ever wanted to be the star?” to which I answer “yes”. It then asks “Have you ever dreamed of a bar with STUDENT PRICES ALL THE TIME?” to which I was about to answer “hell, yes” but then I realized I was talking to a Facebook page.

Club Karaoke Cash Box : I have a rule with karaoke spots: the less the places name makes sense, the better it’s going to be. Club Karaoke Cash Box fits that bill to a T. It is also the city’s largest bad-singing emporium: 1 main hall, 13 private rooms and songs in Chinese, English, Spanish, Japanese and Korean.

uRockaoke from Urockaoke on Vimeo.

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