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If you’re looking to beat the summer heat, there’s no better way than to take a spin out to Kayak Sans Frontières (KSF), a water sports adventureland nestled along the shores of the Lachine Rapids

Kayak Sans Frontières is a quaint establishment tucked away in a nice field alongside the rapids. It’s in Montreal, but based on the pristine water and the landscape you’d never know it. Once you’re there you will find everything you need like wet or dry suits and trained instructors waiting to take you surfing, kayaking, or stand up paddling (SUP!).

The Surfing takes place just a short walk down the trail from the KSF headquarters. There were many surfers of varying skill level (so it’s no big deal if you’re not a pro) waiting on the bank for their turn to ride the wave. I asked the instructor if the wave was man-made and he told me that it was naturally occurring, which was remarkable considering how perfect it was.

The Kayak tours vary in length depending on the day. But before you embark on your kayaking journey you’re taught how to maneuver the kayak and of course, how to flip upside down and unzip your kayak skirt in case things get too wild.

Stand Up Paddling (SUP) is a relatively new sport. It’s done on a surfboard and the idea is to… stand up and paddle. Think of a gondola. It was invented in the Hawaiian Islands and grew in popularity from there. It’s a water sport that even the least athletic people can enjoy with ease and look really cool doing. Once you’re up, it’s easy to see how this sport has gained in popularity; it’s impressive looking to the people on shore but really quite easy if you have a half way decent center of balance.

Even though Montreal has a bustling urban center, it’s nice to be reminded that all the advantages of an afternoon in nature are right in your own backyard.



Kayak Sans Frontières, 7770 boul. Lasalle, Lachine Rapids, 514-595-SURF (7873)

(The website is in French but give them a call and they’ll be happy to answer any questions you have)

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