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If your New Year’s resolutions haven’t gone completely off the rails yet, I applaud you, but feel sorry for you, because they are about to. Get those extra hours of cardio in while you can because La Poutine Week is upon us and is about bring you and your cravings for cheese curds to your knees. From February 1 to 7, Montréal gets set to celebrate our unofficial-official national dish… poutine!

Techniquement les meilleures poutines. Soyez un bon citoyen et votez pour votre poutine favorite du 1er au 7 février! #SemaineDeLaPoutine

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If you haven’t heard, La Poutine Week is a weeklong food festival for foodies to celebrate and indulge in Québec’s most famous dish: poutine. Fifty restaurants around Montréal (100 throughout the province of Québec) will be participating and offering their renditions of poutine—that encompass much more than just fries, cheese curds and gravy. Restaurants will be featuring signature versions of poutine inspired by their cuisine types, bidding for awards that include “The Judge’s Choice”, “The Most Original Poutine” and “The Most Popular Poutine”.

Pour some GRAVY on me! The 5th edition of #LaPoutineWeek is coming soon …

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As tempting as it may sound “poutine-hopping” around the city may not be possible for everyone, but luckily for you, this year, the poutines can come to you! La Poutine Week has teamed up with Foodora, a food delivery service to offer on-demand poutine from select La Poutine Week participating restaurants. Pro tip: use promo code POUTINE and receive a $10 discount if you’re a new customer placing an order of $20 or more.

2017’s edition of La Poutine Week marks the fifth year of this gluttonous food festival that has seen versions in other cities across Canada as well as other countries such as Australia, Brazil, New Zealand, France and the United Kingdom.

The annual growth of La Poutine Week greatly benefits the participating restaurants as well as the community.

Co-founder Thierry Rassam explains: “When we first began La Poutine Week our mission was, and still remains, to help stimulate businesses in cities based on this fun, delicious, and adventurous idea.” He adds, “Each year, every participating restaurant has greatly benefited from our festival as many restaurants have been known to run out of food and make record sales during La Poutine Week! This surge in sales is especially important during the historically quieter winter months”.

Na’eem Adam, the other co-founder, continues: “The popularity and consistent growth behind La Poutine Week also stems from the fact that is more than just a food festival. We have technically become the best and only platform out there that provides foodies with an opportunity to seek out the very best poutines that their city has to offer. We are a real and deciding factor in finding the best poutines in our province.”

To whet your appetites, here is a sneak peek at what you can look forward to during this year’s La Poutine Week!

Here’s a little sneak peek of @chefptitcreux masterpiece! #lapoutineweek 🍹🍟

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Le P’tit Creux de Plateau – Le P’tit Creux

Quebec’s classic poutine recipe takes a Haitian twist – plantains instead of fries, creamy tarragon sauce instead of gravy, garnished with “pikliz” (coleslaw), accompanied with griots.


Bar Terrasse La Cabane du Portugal – “Le PORC-tugais”

Golden fries covered with marinated pork fillet (bifana), bacon, scrambled eggs, cheese curds and chorizo sauce.


GrillinGo – “GrillinGo Poutine”

Beer encrusted fries, rosé meat sauce, and parmesan shavings.

Deville Dinerbar

Chicken-fried beef ribs with honey and whisky glaze.

Reuben’s Deli & Steakhouse

Texas BBQ brisket and bacon cheddar tater tot poutine


Le Gras Dur – “La Poutine Cheeseburger”

Fries, cheese curds, pepper sauce, cheddar cheese, cheeseburger sauce, minced C.A.B. ground beef and fried onion rings


Chez Chose – “La Pêcheresse”

Fries, Sept-Îles shrimp, seal tataki, béchamel sauce, jalapenos, cheese curds, house smoked char, coleslaw made with lobster oil.

Ma Poule Mouillée – “Bon, les portugais font de la poutine.”

House fries, barbecue-cooked chicken, chorizo, cheese curds, São Jorge cheese and homemade poutine sauce.

Meet “THE REDNECK” a masterpiece from the one and only @lesmokingbbq 🌶🍟🧀 Coming soon… #LaPoutineWeek Feb 1-7

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Le Smoking BBQ – “La Redneck”

Homemade fries, fresh cheese curds, Le Smoking BBQ cheese curds (crispy coated), homemade poutine sauce, caramelized onions, 18-hour applewood-smoked beef, 8-hour homemade-spiced pork belly, homemade BBQ sauce and salsa criolla (Argentinian-style marinade).


Grillades Da Silva – “Poutine Alentejana”

Portuguese-inspired poutine: pork paprika-and-clam-spiced filet mignon, topped with veal juice and white wine sauce.


Medley Simple Malt – “Poutine à la Dubbel”

Homemade fries, Saint-Guillaume cheese curds and beer sauce. Available in regular format or in a pitcher.


Pub BreWskey – “La Big Easy”

Buttermilk fried chicken, cheese curds, smoked corn, peas, Fresno peppers, pickled tomatoes, sour cream, beef stock and beer sauce. All served on a mix of Yukon Gold and sweet potato fries, accompanied with house jalapeño cornbread.

Broue Pub Brouhaha – “Colonel Hathi’s Poutine”

House fries, curry and kaffir lime leaf poutine sauce, Vietnamese pork and shrimp dumplings, and cheese curds.

Lola Rosa – Café “La Bella”

Braised cipollini onions, porcini mushroom gravy, homemade vegan cheese curds (cashew-based) and Yukon gold fries.

Poulet Bronze – “Poutine au poulet”

Fries mixed with cheese, spices and fried chicken breast topped with special poutine sauce.

La Champagnerie – “Poutine Waghyu Philly Steak façon Champagnerie”

Beef wagyu, fried mussels, Gruyère cheese, onions, roasted peppers, Gruyère sauce, cheese curds and foie gras.


Brasseurs Crescent – “Poutine Choucroute à la bière brune de 3 Brasseurs Crescent”

Fries in garlic sauce, 3 Brasseurs brown beer sauce, 3 Brasseurs braised sauerkraut, sliced frankfurt sausage, diced mettwurst sausage, shredded strips of grilled black forest ham, fried gherkins, garnished with parsley.

Le Trèfle – “Bhuntàta”

Bites of fish and chips in homemade colcannon soup, and aged cheddar cheese.

Taberna – “Portuguese Poutine”

Fries, grilled piri-piri chicken and chouriço, curd cheese, São Jorge cheese.

The chickpea fantasy… Meet the one and only “Hummus Poutine” from @bironahummus. Only for #LaPoutineWeek!

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Birona Hummus Bar – “The hummus BBQ poutine”

Homemade hummus on a bed of tasty potatoes and cheese curds.

Un désire soudain vous envahit? Voici la “Poutine au poulet grillé Campo” de chez @campomtl #LaPoutineWeek 🍟😍🐓

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Campo – “Campo’s grilled chicken poutine”

Grilled chicken, homemade fries, fresh cheese curds, São Jorge cheese, homemade chicken sauce, chouriço chips

Brasseur de Montréal – “La Poutine Royale”

Poutine Royale for two: braised boar shank, duck leg confit, Black Watch beer sauce with foie gras (made with shallots, rosemary and blueberry jam).

Notre-Boeuf-De-Grâce – “Croque-Poutine-De-Grâce”

House cut fries, caramelized onion, jalapeño, house croquettes stuffed with medjool dates, goat cheese and herbs, house vegetarian gravy.


Taverne F – “La Poutine Bitoque”

Beef sirloin seared in thyme and garlic olive oil, egg sunny side up, white wine sauce, homemade fries, São Jorge cheese and fresh cheese curds.


Burger Bar Crescent – “Poutine a la Bourguignon”

Classic poutine topped with beef bourguignon (braised beef, red wine, pearl onions, bacon and porcini mushrooms)

Dirty Dogs – “The PIG Mac”

Fresh-cut fries, cheese curds, homemade Dirty Dogs gravy, topped with homemade 4-cheese mac and cheese, a signature 8-hour slow-cooked pulled pork and Dirty Dogs BBQ sauce.

What! Meet “The Birdbar Poutine 2.0” from @lebirdbar only for #LaPoutineWeek! 📸by @arose_pr

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Le Bird Bar – “Birdbar Poutine 2.0”

Classic poutine topped with popcorn-fried chicken, pickled jalapeño and corn, fried onions, wagyu pogo slices, tomato chutney, spicy mustard sauce and frito crunch.

Monsieur Restaurant + Bar – “Monsieur Tajine poutine”

Classic poutine topped with braised and shredded local chicken, confit lemon & green olive gravy, curd cheese, coriander and fried shallots.

Bistro Laurentien La Coupole

Yukon gold Ferme Valupierre potatoes cooked in duck fat, cheese curds from La Fromagerie Champêtre, pulled Québec grain-fed braised veal and natural gravy.

Paulo et Suzanne – “The Angus Southwest Sub-poutine”

Poutine with pepper sauce, Angus ground beef, Philly steak, sliced cheese, cheese curds, fried onions and mushrooms. Garnished with southwest sauce and pico de gallo.


Vices & Versa – “Poutine Trad”

Meatball stew poutine, crispy pork rinds and marinated beets.

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