Le Saloon: Delicious Martinis (and Tasty Servers)

Posted on October 26th, 2009 by .

Whether you are a visitor searching for a stylish parlor or you’re a local queer with an appetite for ambience, Le Saloon is often the first choice for dining and drinks in Montreal’s gay village.

But why is that?

Well the proof is in the pudding (and when I say “pudding” I mean “martini”). Le Saloon has served over a half-million martinis, and has become a mainstay in their 15 years of sedulous service to the Montreal gay community. And it doesn’t hurt that the staff are equi-delicious as the funky martinis.


The Spot: Le Saloon, 1333 St. Catherine Street East
The Drink: French Kiss (that is, after all, why you came to Montréal, n’est-ce pas?) – it’s a blend of Absolut Vodka, raspberry purée, sirop de rose, mousseux
The Dish: Saloon Burger, or for the more adventurous – Shanghaï Surprise Salad
The Beats: Live DJs (Lounge, House, Electro)
The Hours: varied depending on season, but open late each night.

Insider Tip: Saloon is a hubbub of hotness on a Friday or Saturday night. If it’s too busy, consider a late afternoon lunch to enjoy a drink without a wait.

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