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Spring is in the air, and the city’s April warming trend indicates zero percent chance of boredom with a high of dancing in a t-shirt weather! So dust off those backpacks and get excited about the parties, local dances and fun for gay girls to come…

Spring in Montreal is the best time for lesbian love, as collegial girls finally cut back on studying. Seriously though, the queer community here is one of the most welcoming. Check out the Montreal Roller Derby Block Party for a fast intro, or ease into it with the Montreal Queer Prom. Organized by eccentric party promoter and cross-dressing enthusiast Sherwin Tija, the prom is a great place to meet the ladies in a non-serious, totally comedic atmosphere. Heading out for a quick singles’ jaunt to la belle province? Week-long bed & breakfast getaway with your long-term lesbian partner? That cute Montreal girl with the bangs and the oversized glasses and granny bicycle might just be waving at you as you hit one of these lesbian hotspots this month.

April 1: Montreal Roller Derby Block Party: A fundraiser to support the much-adored local roller girls, aka real athletes, aka hotties. With DJs, prizes and short derby skirts, get ready to meet the players, chase some skirt and have a couple of brewskies at this local, cooperatively-run loft space. Espace Réunion, 6600 Hutchison, 10 pm

April 2-9: Vintage POP’s Le POP Up Shop. Spring fashions will be on display as crafty ladies, fashion victims and fashionistas join hands to scavenge for vintage threads from the city’s top vintage hunters. Get your femme on, 100-footers. Off InterArts, 5143 Saint-Laurent, Noon – 7 pm

April 2: Cabaret Faux Pas at Katacombes. This edgy party for queers and punks is a FAUX SHO’, if you know what I mean. Lace up the Doc Martens and go bad as the usually underground “living-room queer performance art phenomenon” puts on a show for the radical queer in all of us. Featuring performances by LeeLee Davis, Kitty Van Dyke, Glam Gam, Solar Year, Brescia Birdthrroat Bloodbeard, Jamie Ross and Jordan Loeppky-Kolesik. Katacombes, 1635 St-Laurent, 9 pm

April 2: EDGY WOMEN // Edgy Boum. Closing party for the all-women annual performance art festival, this dance party will start you off with a projection of short films from Dayna Mcleod, local filmmaker behind 52 Pick-Up videos. The party will have a section where people can BYOV: bring your own videos. Mayhem to ensue! Mainline Theatre, 3997 St-Laurent, 9 pm

April 9: PINK28.These cocktail parties for business lesbian types are all play and some work, but the accent is on building networks in a fun, informal atmosphere. The intersection of business and lesbians means there are a good mix of Francos and Anglos but everyone is friendly and intermingles. This month’s get-together, PINK28: Cook & Date, is where foodies and sex appeal combine for one giant paté chinois of love. Viking Kitchen, 8210 Devonshire, 6:30 pm

April 9: Montreal Queer Prom is.gonna.rock.your.socks.off. Promise. With a dance party, campy cover band Ron’s Fantasy, projections of the prom scenes from over 40 terrible Hollywood films and a sexy dominatrix teacher with a ruler. And the photobooth will of course record your awkward awesomeness for decades to come. Sala Rossa, 4848 St-Laurent, 8:30 pm

April 9: Rock Camp for Girls invite you to a film screening of La Brique (FREE). After one week of learning instruments and writing original songs, the camp culminates in the Showcase Concert where campers perform in front of 500 people. The screening will be followed by free food and a karaoke party (obviously). 6545 Avenue du Rocher #402, 1 pm – 4 pm

April 13-24: Equus is a potent, homoerotique story of psychiatrist trying to understand the religious and sexual mystery of a 17-year old boy’s obsession with horses. Village Scene, a small productions company, is bringing the play to Montreal for the first time at the epic Rialto Theatre. Rialto, 5723 Parc

April 16: Meow Mix for the bent and their friends! Riotous dancing for the aegis. The classic lesbian party has been a staple for over 10 years in Montreal, and really is a community event. The first part is a cabaret-style dirty mashup of performers, drag kings and comics. If you’d rather, come to the latter half (after 11 pm) when they push the tables apart for the dance portion. Get ready to wind, krunk, dance and vogue your way into a Montreal lady’s heart. Sala Rossa 4848 St-Laurent, 9:30pm

April 16: Vancouver dancer and choreographer Josh Beamish curates this dance show that explores the idea of public hysteria in the outbreak of a virus. Informance features music by Beethoven and ABBA. Studio 303, 372 Ste-Catherine West. 7 and 9 pm

April 29: Uh Huh Her + Diamonds Under Fire. Uh Huh Her is led by ex-The L Word’s Leisha Hailey. Her “musical” partner rounds out this fun, electropop duo with its roots in riot grrl music. Diamonds under Fire is a one-woman rock thang; expect breathy vocals à la Chrissie Hinds or PJ Harvey. Le National, St-Catherine East, 8 pm.


Guest Blogger: Lina Harper

Photo Credit: Pink 28- Gay Voyageur

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