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Summer is off to its cavalier start in good old Montreal. Montreal is a must-have-bike kind of a city in the summer, so even if you’re in town for just a bit, take a Bixi out to your next outing. We’ve got a fancy indie flea market where the cutest of the cutest will surely be, all sorts of nakedness at the Fringe Fest and Cirque du Soleil’s highly anticipated Totem

June 3: LABO M au OFFTA on Friday with queer Muslim artist 2fik. It goes down at Tangente (840 Cherrier) at 7 pm.

June 4: Puces POP, The flea markets are alive with the sounds of trinkets, cheap kitsch and lovely girls selling their lovely wares. We’re talking crafty, possibly bisexual ladies here, hello!

June 3– 5: SPRING POP, POP Montreal has a mini-event before their big one in September. Discover new indie acts for very cheap, for the nice price of 5-10 bucks.

Until June 19: You can catch Cameryn Moore at the Montreal Fringe Festival until June 19. She’s a phone sex operator with a clearly fat-femme agenda. I’m told nudity is involved (pause for appreciation). slut (r)evolution is at Café Soufflé, 100 Marie-Anne West.

June 5-25: Suoni Per Il Popolo Festival is the music festival for folks on the “vanguard” of new music. Make sure you go listen to sweet songs of out singer Chad Van Gaalen on June 23, but first check out local queer and sex worker activist Anita Schoepp for SOUNDTRACKS on June 5 for a night of video, puppets, experimental super 8, live-drawn scores, story telling, animation and claymation for  your pure pleasure.

June 10–11: If you’re like me, then you have brown hair, blue eyes and you really, REALLY, like Rihanna’s thighs. Go check hers out at the Bell Centre.

June 16: On the decks for your aural pleasure at POMPe, the monthly queer dance party: DJs Jackie Spade, Diggy G, Jonny Bonny Rock & Aleks C. Organizers say this month, the dance floor will be BUMPIN’: “Put on your best, dance with total abandon and flirt shamelessly!” At Espaces-des-Arts, 9 Saint-Catherine East.

June 16-July 17: Local and internationally renowned dramaturge and performer Robert Lepage created this newest version of Cirque du Soleil. The old port’s lapping quays provide an intense setting for this intense show, a mix of modern circus arts and a narrative from a prescient, gay raconteur. Cirque du Soleil: Totem is in the Old Port.

June 16–26: If you’re going to the Fringe Fest, you’ll want to check out the Infringement Festival. They’re a rowdy, political, queer and sex positive bunch, and their weird meetups and performances attest to that. Various locations.

June 18: Meow Mixers: are you ready for the bent girls and their friends? Every year, Suoni Per Il Popolo Festival collaborates with the organizer at Meow Mix to make a fab evening of song and dance MORE SO.

Guest Blogger: Lina Harper

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