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Posted on June 6th, 2009 by .

Last week I promised I would tell you more about the great shopping opportunities of the Museum of Fine Arts. Well here I am, keeping my promise. *Here is where you feel privileged. I don’t always keep promises*

So, as I was saying, the Museum is the perfect place to combine art, culture and shopping. Yes! Shopping at the Museum. Who would have thought? The M Boutique of the MMFA is, quite surprisingly, a great shopping destination in and of itself. Check out my recent finds!

I recently bought some amazing cotton cushions with silkscreened messages and peace signs, inspired by the Yoko One and John Lennon Imagine exhibition (where you can relive the peace and love movement of the 70s and experience your very own bed-in!). The pillows give the perfect urban hippie look to my apartment.

The boutique is also known for its jewellery, which you will love if you like refined, detailed, original and exclusive pieces. On top of the brooches, bracelets and necklaces, the shop has a multitude of shawls, handbags, sculptures and home design objects. I guess it makes sense that the boutique would carry international collections since the museum presents exhibitions from all over the world.

Then comes the stationary, which I’m totally gaga for. If you’re old school like me you will love their greeting cards. Check out the Crown of Flowers by William Bouguereau or the October cards by Jean-Jacques Tissot. There’s nothing like sending cards to your loved ones instead of the all-too-easy text message!

Last but not least, the MFA is right next to some of the best couture shopping in Montréal. Ogilvy and Holt Renfrew, home to the latest in high-fashion, are both just steps away from the museum. There’s no way you’ll be leaving empty handed!

I also did a little map so you know exactly where you are heading!

M Boutique
Montreal Museum of Fine Arts
1380 Sherbrooke Street West
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