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I like to travel light, usually limiting my luggage to a laptop bag and a carry-on. Simply. Effectively. I like pretty objects that are practical, good designs that last but that are nonetheless remarkable. One of the things I systematically get asked about when I travel–and I swear it happens every time–is:

– Excuse me, but may I ask where you got your bag?

– Oh, this bag? (I can see their eyes searching for a known brand tag…) It’s from M0851.

– It’s really nice. I love the minimal look. Is it from Tokyo?

– Actually no, it’s from Montreal.

– Reaaaaally…? That leather looks very expensive…

– …But it’s not, seriously…

– Looks like you just bought it.

– I’ve had this one for close to ten years now…

…and the conversation often goes on and on to a point where I feel like an actual M0851 salesperson. And you know what? I always feel this certain pride in “showcasing” a distinctive and such well-made product made in Montreal.

Throughout the years, I ended up buying several pieces, as gifts and often as “special orders” for friends living in Paris and Italy. I’m not just talking bags, but wallets, scarves, cell phone cases even. Everybody loves to brag about something really nice they bought “abroad”, especially when it’s made of the jet-black, grey or dark tanned leather.

Then I got into their slick raincoats and minimal cashmere crewneck sweaters–pieces I never get tired of. Got a hat for my girlfriend once. That’s the beauty of M0851’s craftsmanship: the quality they put in the confection making of every bag, fashion piece or accessory gives it a truly distinctive and timeless essence. Then there’s also the experience: they’ve been perfecting their products since 1987. Something you stay proud of for a very long time. The designs are never bold, so even if you end up in the same room–an airport lounge for example–where three people carry the same item, chances are nobody will notice it that way. I guess that this is what they mean when they say the label is not meant to confer identity, but to accessorize it.

– …ohOh, and is this M0851 as well?

– Indeed. This one was a gift though.

Best gift ever.



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Real life shops

Complexe Les Ailes
677 Ste. Catherine W. Street
Montreal, Quebec H3B 5K4

T. 514 842-2563


3526 Boul. St. -Laurent Blvd.
Montreal, Quebec H2X 2V1

T. 514 849-9759


1190 de Maisonneuve West Blvd.
Montreal, Quebec H3A 1N5

T. 514 845-0461


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    / Jan 9th

    I also love bags. There are pretty bags here in Montreal area.

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