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For me there is nothing sexier than a man in a basic, slim-cut, cotton T-shirt. The T-shirt is arguably the fashion item of the 21st century, enabling the wearer to share personal expressions and to express excited nipples. We all buy them, and we all want to look hot in them.

Originally T-shirts were worn as undershirts, too causal to sport in public. But these days a smartly cut T-shirt with a CHEEKY SLOGAN, can make you the star of any party.

If you’re like me, you want to look hot, but you also want to make conscientious consumer choices. Is what I’m buying affordable? Is it made with fair labour practices? What are the environmental impacts? It hasn’t been easy to combine sexiness and social/environmental responsibility.

That was until BLANK came along.

BLANK is one of my favourite clothing boutiques in Montréal. It offers well designed cotton basics that are actually made here in Montréal. So when you’re in town for your Montréal weekend getaway, you’ll definitely want to make a pit stop to stock up.

I chatted with Martin Delisle, co-founder of BLANK about his ‘innovative’ store.

BLANK Boutique & Showroom
4276 St. Laurent Blvd (Between Rachel & Mont-Royal)


  1. blank clothing

    / Feb 29th

    I have heard about this place, even though I live in southern California. There is nothing better than “cotton basics” that are made in your hometown, which is American Apparel for me.

  2. Nice post!
    thanks for sharing this.

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