Major Lazer and Crookers in Montreal

Posted on September 30th, 2009 by .

Montreal nightlife has enough nightclubs, DJs and dancefloors to keep you dancing well into 2010. But on October 9th, Metropolis is the only dancetination your calendar needs to be aware of, as Major Lazer and Crookers are coming to town…

Though they come from different areas of the dance floor, both Major Lazer and Crookers represent some of the most interesting things happening in high-profile dance music these days. And the Montreal contingent is nothing to sneeze at either: the event is being presented by the good folks over at NEON, HIGH FOOD and those notorious party hounds, Peer Pressure, who will have not only some of their heavy-hitting DJs like HATCHMATIK and A-ROCK openings things up, but the lovely SHAYDAKISS hosting the night as well.

But who are these international deck-wrecking dance floor destructors?

MAJOR LAZER, according to the press release, is a “Jamaican commando who lost his arms in the secret zombie war of 1984 and had them replaced by lazers”. Uh ok, but what he really is is an alter ego of two huge producers, Switch and Diplo. Switch is a UK-based producer and DJ who has worked with M.I.A. and Santogold, while Diplo (who has also worked with M.I.A. and dated her in the past) is a Philadelphia-based producer and DJ whose world-travelling exploits (documented somewhat hilariously on his Twitter Feed) have helped bring lesser known strains of dance music, like Brazilian “baile funk,” to a wider audience. As Major Lazer, they recently released the album, Guns Don’t Kill People, Lazers Do, which mashes up reggae, dancehall and funky robot sounds into a non-stop party that my stereo is still obsessed with.

CROOKERS are a bit more straightforward a story. This Italian duo of DJs Bot and Phra blasted into larger prominence based largely on the strength of their remix work: though they’ve re-interpreted music from everyone from AC/DC to Britney Spears, their most well-known remix is for Kid Cudi’s Day’n’Night, which has been watched almost 14 million times on Youtube. Their debut full-length album is due out in January, 2010.

If I haven’t convinced you yet, I probably never will. But if I have, then check NEON’S WEBSITE for tickets and see you on the dance floor here in Montreal.

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