Matt & Nat Bag Throwing: Do not try this at home

Posted on June 16th, 2009 by .

Ok, so I spent the last week telling you how I was gearing up for Matt & Nat’s free bag giveway I even bragged about the helmet and kneepads that were going to ensure my success, yada yada yada, etc, no need to quote me, please.
Well . . . The bag throwing has come and gone, and I’m at home nursing a sore ego. There. I admit it. I didn’t catch a purse. Actually, I did, until a crazy woman ripped it out of my hands and dragged me on the cement, walking away with MY prize, and leaving me to find the shoe I had lost in the battle.
After a long period of debating, with some sulking mixed in there, I’ve decided to share my experience with you. (That’s right, DANIEL caught it on camera). While it pains me to show the world how I got taken down by another woman in a parking lot, part of me realizes that the footage is so hilarious, there’s no way I can keep this to myself!
So here it is…a parking lot, hundreds of hysterical girls and free Matt & Nat purses falling from the sky. Bad, BAD combination!!!!
What I’ve learned: If you really want to see a woman’s true colours, just throw a free designer purse at her while she’s in a crowd.
If this were a football game: My purse-catching would totally be a touch-down.
What you need to remember: I fought for my purse. But you can get your own. Matt & Nat bags at Simons and Browns.
977 Sainte-Catherine Street West
1191 Sainte-Catherine Street West
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