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Meet Jean-Aymeri. He’s a man-about-town; his Facebook and Twitter accounts vibrating with the tales of a man on the move. In fact, he’s so connected and “on the scene” that I hope he doesn’t steal my job.

I’m watching you De Magistris!

Anyway, between his projects in art, design and fashion, this man’s got his fingers in multiple pies!

But, you’re wondering, how can you get Jean-Aymeri’s fingers in your pie? Read and find out.



Who are you?

I’m that friend you have on facebook that posts way to much stuff but that you don’t want to remove…

What do you do?

During the day I take care of the marketing for Experience Old Montreal, a group of upscale hotels and restaurants in Old Montreal.

At night, I’m the editor of Montreal State Of Mind, I sell products online from some of Montreal’s best Designers (, and I organize events to promote our local creative community through a collective ongoing project, Art & Design Montreal.

I don’t sleep a lot, you know… but someone has to do it.

Why do you choose Montreal?

I’ve lived in many different cities and I can definitely say that Montreal is sexy, smart and creative… I’m in love.



Café: Hands down the best espresso is at Le Petit Hotel in Old Montreal, but Olive et Gourmando and Cafe Olympico are good choices too.

Restaurant: Where to start? Depends! I could name 100 restaurants… let’s take only the letter ‘P’?

Pintxo: Order only from the tapas menu and choose a good spanish wine. Just show up because they don’t take reservations… it’s that good!

Au Pied de Cochon: Come prepared! Everything on the menu is amazing… I’m hungry just thinking about it… God bless Martin Picard…

Pullman: Try the grill cheese, the mini burgers and the tartare. They have an impressive wine list… don’t be shy too ask for help and recommendations.

Boutique/Store: I buy local and I suggest you do the same. Forget Zara, Gap and H&M…You have them in your country. We created, and it’s a one stop shop. Don’t worry about fitting all of it in your suitcase because we ship everything internationally. Everything else I find at Michel Brisson (for men) and Nota Bene (for stationary). For the girls Billie Boutique on Laurier and U&I on St. Laurent.

Neighborhood: My favorite is Old Montreal. I live and work here. You are close to everything and the feeling brings back my European roots… it’s the best! I also love Outremont. It’s very Green… Green is nice.

Place to spot an attractive local: All the good looking people hangout in Old Montreal… It’s a know fact.



In 140 characters, please convince someone to visit Montreal.

“Chuck Norris wants you to come to Montreal.”

As a “man about town” what new trends are you seeing in Montreal?

More and more people are buying local and supporting local markets, local designers and local products in general. Trends come and go, but I hope this will stay.

What’s the best way for a single gal visiting Montreal to meet a deliciously handsome chap, such as yourself?

Oh Daniel… I’m blushing. My advice would be to hit Bernard Street and ask for directions in french to the olympic Stadium. It works.

Editorial Note: Did you learn from experiences Mr. De Magistris?

If Montreal were a font, which font would Montreal be?

The font of a pretty girl handwriting her name and phone number on your hand… Quétaine? Not at all… Think about it.


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