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Meet Julien Smith. He’s that hip NYT bestselling author who wrote the book “Trust Agents” with Chris Brogan.  Long before that, he was that avant-garde podcasting kid who knew (and still knows) much more about the web than both you and I.

According to the Montreal boutiques where he shops (see video for Julien’s fashion confessions), I decided to make the assumption that Julien is now rich. But don’t be fooled. The Twitter fame and designer plaid don’t mean that Julien is migrating to glamorous LA. In fact, Julien loves Montreal so much, it only made sense I ask him about his favorite spots in the city.

You’ll find all his answers in the video, with links and addresses below.


[FOOD] M sur Masson
2876  Masson,
Montreal, H1Y 1W9‎
(514) 678-2999‎

[DRINKS] Laika
4040 St-Laurent Blvd.
Montreal, H2W 1Y8‎
(514) 842-8088‎

[DRINKS] Baldwin Barmacie
115 Laurier AV West,
Montreal, H2T 2N6‎
(514) 276-4282‎

[CLOTHES] Rooney Boutique
395 Notre-Dame West,
Montreal, H2Y 1V2‎
(514) 543-6234‎

[CLOTHES] Les Étoffes
5253 Saint-Laurent Blvd,
Montreal, H2T 1S4‎
(514) 544-5500‎

[CLOTHES] Michel Brisson
384  Saint-Paul West,
Montreal, H2Y 2A6‎
(514) 285-1012‎

*there’s also a second store at 1012 Laurier W. (514) 270-1012‎

[TATTOOS] Imago Montreal (by Arnaud and Safwan)
158 Rue Prince-Arthur East,
Montreal, H2X 1B7‎
(514) 350-0015‎

[TECH] Foursquare

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