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Katie Moore is a Montreal-based singer-songwriter blessed with one of the prettiest voices around. After she played us a song, we sat down to learn about her Montreal…

It’s a scientific fact: Katie Moore‘s voice is so nice that it makes angels angry. She’s made music with Socalled, Patrick Watson, Plants and Animals, Gonzales and many more, but with the release of her new album, Montebello (on February 3rd at the Cabaret du Mile End), Katie Moore is about to take centre stage. After she and her incredible band played us a tune, we got the chance to learn a bit about where she spends her time in Montreal…



What do you do? I play music. I sing and play guitar, I write songs but I also love to sing other people’s songs.

Why did you choose Montreal? It kinda chose me: I moved to Hudson when I was three and then into the Big City at 18 and in my travels I have yet to find a better place to live. It’s cute and incestuous in its small-town vibe and I like it like that. ——————————————————————————————————————


Restaurant: I like cheap and tasty eats. I LOVE the pho at Pho Bang New York, the tofu stir fry at Patati Patata, the veggie pulled pork at le Pickup, the liver steak at the Main and pizza at Pizzeria Napolitana.

Bar/Lounge: Vices Versa, and not just because it’s next door to my house and all my friends work there. Ok, maybe that’s why.

Boutique/Store: General 54 on St Viateur in Mile End — you can find Jen Glasgow and other local designers’ and artists’ wares there. Really beautiful stuff.

Neighborhood: Little Italy. We’ve got the coffee, we’ve got the Jean Talon Market, we’ve got the Vietnamese and pupusa places and the Anatol spice store. What more does one need?

Park: The Mountain makes Montreal a better city by at least fifty percent- does that makes sense? Skiing the mountain makes winter bearable. Every now and then I fantasize about living somewhere else, but the Mountain pulls me back in, it won’t let me leave. I just love it.

Work Out: Blue Cat Boxing Club.

Festival: Pop Montreal and Suoni per il Popolo. They’re very different festivals but they’re both dedicated to bringing good music to the city as well as showcasing local acts.



What other Montreal musicians should people meet? Oh there are so many: Mike O’Brien, Orillia Opry, Dara Weiss, Angela Desveaux, the Barr Brothers, La Grande, Joe Grass, Emma Baxter.

What Montrealer would YOU like to meet? Leonard Cohen, I’ve seen him around but am always too shy to say hi. He is amazing.

When are your “must-have” travel essentials? Ear plugs and a good book: You can fall asleep anywhere to the sound of your own breathing. (Oh my god, how old am I? Am I the most boring person in the world?)

Where is the best place to find the fabled “hipster” and what should one do when approaching them? The thing about a hipster is that once you meet one, he or she ceases being a hipster, so, in a way, they don’t really exist. If you’d like to spot one try somewhere in the vortex between Drawn & Quarterly and the new Phonopolis Store location. Either that or late night at the Nouveau Palais, that’s a good spot for eavesdropping.



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