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Michel Rabagliati is a graphic novelist born and based in Montreal.

He has written several semi-autobiographical comic books featuring the life and times of a fellow named Paul. In 1999, his first publication, Paul in the Country, earned him a Harvey Award for Best New Talent.

We feel this is pretty darn neat. And we think you should meet Michel.



Who are you?

A 49-year-old guy who has lived all his life in Montreal, and who has not traveled much beyond. I like to walk, ride my bicycle and sing in choirs.

What do you do?

I’m an author and graphic novelist.

Why do you choose Montreal?

It’s a city I know in depth.  I love its people, and I appreciate the sweet life that we are able to live here.



Restaurant: Laloux – French Bistro corner of Avenue des Pins and Laval Street

Book Store: Planète BD on rue Saint-Denis (they specialize in graphic novels)

Bar/Lounge: Les Bobards on rue St-Laurent (world beat music)

Festival: Festiblues – a small August music festival in the Ahuntsic neighborhood

Museum: Musée d’art contemporain de Montréal

Place to spot an attractive local: Parc Lafontaine in the Plateau neighborhood



Your stories revolve around a fellow named Paul – who is this “Paul” character?

Paul could be your average Quebecer. He’s a fairly neutral fellow, with whom even women can identify. Paul’s not the strongest of personalities, but he’s fascinated by life and the events that are presented to him. He is a pleasant and positive person.

If I were walking around the city, where might I bump into Paul?

Probably on Saint-Denis Street between Sherbrooke and Saint-Joseph, or in Parc Lafontaine on a bicycle, or simply curled up on the grass, reading a novel.

Any thoughts of putting the “graphic” back in graphic novels by having Paul visit a famous Montreal strip-joint for a drug-fused orgy?

A porno-graphic novel of Paul? No, I honestly don’t think that will happen for Paul.  But with another fictional character… I’m not saying no!

How important is Montreal as a setting or character in your work?

Montreal is almost a secondary character in my stories. You witness the city in the streets, the buildings and the public spaces, all of which I have used to establish an intimate relationship with the reader. I need to know what I’m speaking about, and Paul is exactly this: stories drawn from real events, and from places I’ve experienced.

Thanks Michel!


You can find Michel Rabaliati’s work wherever fine graphic novels are sold, including one of our favorite local bookshops, Drawn and Quarterly in the Mile End neighborhood.

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