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I tried. Short of wrestling Teresa Scanlan to the ground, I did my very best to wiggle my way into wearing the new Miss America’s tiara. Alas, I was told that, other than the Beauty Queen herself, only “little girls” could wear the sparkly headdress. I did, however, bring something for her to wear…

After winning the Miss America 2011 pageant, Teresa Scanlan, a charming Nebraska-native of Croatian decent, made her way up to Montreal. On the morning of a wind-driven snowstorm, Scanlan was warm, welcoming and press-ready in the penthouse of the chic Opus Hotel.

Why, you might wonder, is Miss America here in La Belle Province? Funny, I asked myself the same question. Turns out, her official fashion designer is none other than Joseph Ribkoff, a septuagenarian Montrealer who has made an international name of his eponymous, locally-produced brand, which is headquartered here in Dorval (not far from the airport). As Scanlan and a pair of models showed us, the sophisticated line features prêt-à-porter separates, as well as eveningwear fit for, well, Miss America!

I couldn’t resist asking the young lovely a hometown hockey question: Did she know of Carey Price, the handsome, 23-year-old goalie of the Montreal Canadiens? I even offered to set them up for her 18-year milestone, reminding her that she could drink in bars here at that age. She didn’t know the heartbreaker Hab and politely declined. Sorry Carey, I tried for you too.



Looking for Joseph Ribkoff clothes in Montreal (or anywhere else in the world for that matter)? Go to his website or call 1-800-361-1839 for a location near you.

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