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Here’s a not so-secret confession: I LOVE Twitter.

Over the last two years, the Twittersphere has allowed me to connect and meet some truly inspiring souls. Real good people as I like to call them. Gary Vaynerchuk, Chris Brogan, Juliette Powell, Julien Smith… the list goes on & on.

My latest encounter was with Tampa native, Amber Osborne, known on the interweb as Miss Destructo – or that witty and gut-busting social media chick with the blue bob. Move over Anna Wintour.

Miss Destructo was in Montreal visiting her friends for the Montreal Kinetik Festival. We had a chance to chat over eggs and bacon, the morning right after the Habs punished the Penguins in round 2 of the NHL playoffs.

As a Montreal native, I was pretty stoked that Amber was in town to experience the passion and atmosphere that takes over the city during hockey games. You must understand, hockey is more sacred than church in the 514.

Other thing of importance in Montreal? Festivals. So for an entire week, Osborne got to shake her pom-pom at the Kinetik Festival in Old Montreal, which celebrates the best acts on the international electronic scene.

According to the pictures of her Flickr stream, it seems like our Tampa friend had quite the awesome time in Montreal, hopping from the festival to the legendary tam-tams and eating incredible amounts of delicious food.

Here’s some footage of our breakfast chat. I apologize for the background noise. That’s another thing I love about Twitter. It doesn’t come with clinking dishes and irritating blenders. People are just so animated in real life!

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