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When was the last time you did something fun? Like, really fun? Maybe it’s high time to treat your self to a gentleman’s night of MMA, boxing and Motocross. Spring has sprung, so let’s see what Masculine May has to offer…

Club Soda is hosting RisingStar 3 MMA event on May 14th.  Heads will roll. Testosterone levels will soar. Prayers will be answered. Babes will wear bikinis. You can expect to see several fights at Club Soda, but the main event is the heavyweight battle between Josh Golding and Lenard Terrance and the co main event is between Brett Portieous and Dany St-Gelais Cornwall. Club Soda is offering an entire evening of reckoning, so go early and stay late. Tickets range from $40 general admission, to $100 dollar on the stage sweat flying in your face seats.

But perhaps you’re more interested in (sometimes) death defying stunts. I get that, and so do the people who organize the FMX Motocross Freestyle Challenge this Saturday May 14th at the Bell Center. Watch some guys on motorcycles perform all kinds of dangerous stunts, apparently the back flip is considering the Holy Grail of FMX Motocross, so if you go you might get lucky enough to see one of those in real life. Tickets range from $29 – $99 so this event can also be rather wallet friendly.

Who doesn’t like watching modern day gladiator’s fight in a ring? Nobody and his sister, that’s who. Whether you’re into the human drama or just the gore, there’s nothing better than settling in to watch a good old fashioned, hotly anticipated boxing match the 21st of May. Jean Pascal and Bernard Hopkins are going to duke it out again after their December fight in Quebec City resulted in a majority draw. These two have garnered a lot of press lately, probably because a recent Montreal press conference erupted into a shoving match on account of Pascal’s incessant chirping. Based on how annoying Pascal is in this video, my money’s on Hopkins

Plus if Hopkins wins he’ll be the oldest fighter to win a world title (at 46) and he is already defended his world middleweight title a record twenty times,so what’s one more? Guaranteed it’ll be a lot better than that bar fight you saw that one time. Pascal and Hopkins will be sorting out their problems in the ring the old fashioned way on May 21st at the Bell Center.

After that’s said and done and you’re all amped on an intoxicating cocktail of hard alcohol and energy drinks, why not exhibit your masculinity at Conjurations 2011, the Live Action Role Playing or “LARP” convention and gaming marathon on May 14th and 15th. You’d think that with their big brains, nerds would know better than to all be at one place at one time. On the other hand, maybe they deliberately scheduled this event to coincide with the MMA matches and the Motocross show so that their oppressors would be too busy to heckle them. Think again, poindexters. Am I right?



Club Soda

1225, boul Saint-Laurent

514 286-1010


Jean Pascal vs. Bernard Hopkins @ Bell Center

May 21st – 7:00 pm

Tickets range from $47 – $800


Conjurations 2011

137 Avenue du Président Kennedy,


Guest Blogger: Sophie Naima Caird

photo credit:,,

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