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A fabulous way to spend a meandering weekend is to visit ‘Extreme Painting’ – at eight galleries located all over Montreal. It’s a citywide art tour. Follow our directons

The citywide project was organized by  art dealer René Blouin, along with Chris Kline. Extreme Painting originally had the participation of 16 galleries. Each chose to show what they considered ‘extreme’ today, and curated their own show. Many of the galleries staggered the times. Some galleries moved on to other shows. But the show is still up in eight galleries, making an interesting art tour that is manageable in one day. Many of the galleries are in Montreal’s centre for cutting-edge culture: the Belgo Building. (Stay tuned. We are doing a special section on the Belgo soon.) There, Galerie Donald Browne shows Paul Bureau’s monochromatic work, beautiful creations that are almost sculptural with their thick layers of paint.  Galerie René Blouin is exhibiting Kim Dorland, Chris Kline and Wil Murray . Galerie Joyce Yahouda shows 12 artists, of which my favourite was Mathieu Lefevre . Loved his RIP Manet 2010. A muscled arm (male or female?) proudly bears the word Manet in gothic capital letters. The tattoo, hardly a pin-up, or an ‘I heart Mum’ is wicked: a fun urban statement. The elegance of Manet’s paintings is recalled in an old fashioned font.

Parisian Laundry, Montreal’s somewhat-off-the-beaten-track go-to destination for cutting edge contemporary art, shows six national and international artists in the gallery’s ‘Summertime in Paris’ exhibit, exhibited under the umbrella of the ‘Extreme Painting’ project. Go. Enjoy!


Galerie d’Este (Métro Atwater)  1329 Greene Avenue 514-846-1515 Artists: Jean-Pierre Ruel, Ángel Mateo Charris, Paul Bourgault, Drew Simpson and Costa Dvorezky To August 15

Galerie Division (Métro Atwater) 1368 Greene Avenue 514-938-3863 Artists: Dave and Jenn, Kim Dorland, Andre Ethier, Martin Golland, Ufuk Gueray, Mathieu Lefevre, Erica Mendritzki and Allison Schulnik To August 14

Parisian Laundry (Métro Lionel Groulx)  3550 St-Antoine Street West 514-989-1056 “Summertime in Paris: Extreme Painting To August 28

BELGO BUILDING (Métro Place des Arts) 372 Ste-Catherine Street W

Galerie Donald Browne Artist: Paul Bureau To August 21 Suite 528 – 5th floor 514-380-3221  Artists: Kim Dorland, Wil Murray and Chris Kline To August 21 Suite 501, 5th floor 514-393-9969

Galerie Push Artist: Patrick Lundeen To September 4 Suite 425, 4th floor 514-544-9079

Galerie Trois Points Artists :Natalie Reis, Clint Griffin, James Olley, Scott Everingham and Cécile Ronc To August 15 Suite 520, 5th floor 514-866-8008

Joyce Yahouda Gallery Artists: Mathieu Beauséjour, Simon Bilodeau, Amélie Guérin, Benjamin Klein, Céline B. La Terreur, Mathieu Lefevre, Adrian Norvid, Savannah Lou, Britanny Pratt and Alana Riley To September 25 Suite 516, 5th floor 514-875-2323

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