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Montréal at a glance

There’s just something about Montréal.

Some call us charming. We don’t argue. With a fertile foodie scene, pictorial architecture and a plethora of art festivals, Montréal has earned the reputation as the charismatic artsy kid in the international schoolyard.

Sure, we’re at the crossroads of Europe and North America — but in truth we offer the best of many international cultures. The locals speak French and English, as well as some 80 other languages. And while we certainly appreciate good food and good company, we refuse to be boxed, labeled or pigeonholed into any singular category.

Montréal is multidimensional. We’re an ideal response to a craving for epicurean adventure. We’re that romantic weekend getaway you and your partner have been needing. We’re impromptu late-night dance parties and early morning endorphin-inducing jogs and soul-shifting “ah-ha” moments. As a destination, we’re somehow exotic and affordable at the same time.

It’s normal to have a crush on us.

We’re closer than you think.

Montréal is a petit 63 kilometres (39 miles) from the U.S. border. By plane, our handsome city is only two hours (or less) away from many major cities, such as Toronto, New York, Boston, Philadelphia and Washington.

So, what are you waiting for? Book your Montréal getaway today.

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