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Given how incredibly hard Osheaga rocked, I’d understand if you thought that music in Montreal might take a break during August. But you’d be wrong, because Montreal doesn’t stop when it comes to music. Here, then, are some shows that you shouldn’t miss…

Interpol, August 9th @ Metropolis : One of the best indie rock/post-punk bands to come out of New York in the last decade, Interpol continue to prove that they know how to find something redeeming in the darkness.

Paul McCartney , August 12th @ Bell Centre : If there was ever an artist that did not need an introduction, Sir Paul would be it.

Juliette Lewis , August 14th @ Cabaret Mile-End : Everyone is rightfully leery of actors-turned-musicians, but Juliette Lewis is the real deal. PS- make sure to show up early to catch the incredible Final Flash.

Crystal Castles, August 15 @ Metropolis: This electronic music duo from Toronto are as well know for their tough electronica as they are for their chaotic live shows.

Scissor Sisters , August 29th @ Metropolis : Despite the name of the song below, if you attend the show of these glam-tacular disco revivalists, you will absolutely feel like dancing.

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