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Montreal Bachelor Party: When a good friend of mine needed a bachelor party organized, there was only one city in Canada that was up to the task: Montreal. Not just because of its incredible Nightlife scene, which has something on the go every night of the week, but because, in general, this is a city that knows how to cram a range of things into a 24-hour adventure…

Sure, Las Vegas is often the bachelor party planner’s first choice, but time after time, Montreal clocks in as North America’s #2. Why? Well first off, you can do everything in Montreal that you can in Las Vegas- from gambling to big name shows- for a fraction of the price. It’s VIP high-rolling that your wallet won’t be ashamed of the morning after. Montreal also has a nightlife scene that has been thriving for decades, and when you mix in Montreal’s old-school European influence with its new-world, cutting edge taste in partying, you have a place that can host a bachelor party with class. Something that Las Vegas has to work a bit harder at…

We started the day with an afternoon trip to go jet-boating on the Lachine Rapids. While Montreal’s Old Port has tons of tourist-friendly water tours, jet-boating was clearly the only one manly enough to hand a high-octane group like ours. It was intense and awesome. (As you can see in the video- be prepared to get soaked).

From there, we headed back to the hotel to get changed into some nicer clothes, then had a quick cocktail and headed of to M:brgr for some incredible, high-end hamburgers. M:brgr is an off-shoot of Moishes, one of Montreal’s legendary steak-houses, so the quality of the food is incredible and the atmosphere in there is much more nightclub than diner. And men, if you’re out there listening, I’ve got three words for you: kobe beef burger. Wow.

Up next, was a trip to the Casino de Montreal, which started, as you’ll see in the video, with the obligatory Swingers/Resevoir Dogs slo-mo dudes-in-suits walking shot. We then hit up the Casino’s swanky VIP poker bar for some perfect dirty martinis before getting into some poker and black jack at the hands of the casino’s world-class croupiers. What happens at the casino stays at the casino, but suffice to say, our group did well enough at the tables to keep the night going for a while…

We kept the party going well into the night, at a couple of the swankier spots you can find on this Google Map of Montreal Nightlife. All in all, a great night in the perfect city to host a Bachelor Party.

Drop me a line if you need help planning yours…


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  2. Connected Montreal

    / Jun 1st

    I plan bachelor parties for a living (Connected This article has some merit but it skirts the fact that most people come to Montreal for the nightlife and strip clubs. If you want to stick to the plan outlines above check out Chez Paree for a great strip club. And Mbrg is good but is almost the same price as a steakhouse…
    Schwartz is also a must try for their smoked meat sandwhiches (brisket). but go at an off meal hour to avoid the lines!

  3. E.

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