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The Montreal Biodome (Biodôme de Montréal) is beloved by kids of all ages. Boasting a range of animals, plant life and ecosystems, it’s an environment that promotes education about the natural world. But you can leave “education” out of it when trying to convince your children and just say: “Penguins! Monkeys! Crazy looking fish!”…

After seeing the popularity of our video and post about the Botanical Gardens’ Butterflies Go Free exhibit, it seemed pretty obvious that we should head back out to the Family-Friendly Complex that houses the Biodome and shoot another video.

The Biodome is essentially 4 different ecosystems: the Tropical Forest, modelled after a South American rainforest, the Laurentian Maple Forest, a replica of the wilderness that many North Americans are familiar with, and the Saint Lawrence Marine Eco-system, which is based on the Gulf of Saint Lawrence, the world’s largest estuary. And finally there’s the Polar World, which covers both the Arctic and Antarctic, where you’ll find the Biodome’s superstar penguins. And if you want a guided tour or just have a couple questions, there are tons of knowledgeable (and friendly) staff on hand.

These interactive exihibits are on display all year long, but the Biodome has just introduced something you need to check out right now: Bird Fest 2011! Taking place from April 30 to May 23, the fest will include a bird-watching challenge based on the 70+ species living in the Biodome, a quiz on extinct North American birds and most exciting to me (as someone who has long wanted a pet peregrine falcon), a raptor demonstration featuring owls, kestrels and hawks, illustrating their hunting and feeding techniques, as well as the roles they play in their native ecosystems.

And if all that (plus the great video above!) isn’t enough to convince you, here’s a tip: May 29 is Montreal Museum Day, which means that admittance to the Biodome is free!



Montreal Biodome, 4777 Avenue Pierre-de Coubertin, (514) 868-3000
Open Tuesday-Sunday (9am-5pm)

Photo Credit: Polar World ecosystem at the Montreal Biodome- © Montreal Biodome, Sean O’Neill

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