Montreal Boy: Some Strings Attached

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Tourisme Montreal is excited to premiere our new six part webseries “Montreal Boy: Some Strings Attached” on in collaboration with Air Canada and Jimmy Lee. When Montreal boy Stephane tries his hand at online dating, he meets the goofy, shy, and insanely hot Hugh. Only problem is… Hugh lives in New York! (Don’t you hate it when that happens?) Watch Montreal Boy: Some Strings Attached on to go on a whirlwind weekend of love, sex, and drama in Montreal…

Episode 1 – The Call: In the first episode we meet the Montreal boy, Stephane, a handsome architect and hopeless romantic. After a nasty breakup with his boyfriend Max, he meets the quirky and sexy Hugh from NYC! Will they ever meet in person? Or is this relationship destined for texts, video chats, and long distance lusting?

Episode 2 – On My Way: In the second episode, Montreal boy Stephane scrambles to get ready for Hugh’s impromptu arrival! Will Hugh be as dreamy and funny in person as he is via video chat?

Episode 3 – The View: In the third episode, Stephane and Hugh continue to fall for each other. They cuddle, go shopping, have an intimate moment on top of Mont-Royal, and encounter an awkward situation at dinner with friends!

Episode 4 – Old Friends: Stephane and Hugh continue their romantic romp through Montreal: sexy swimming at a spa, goofing off in an antique shop, and dancing at an outdoor electronic festival . But what will happen when they run into one of Stephane’s old flames?

Episode 5 – About Last Night: “Yeah so… about last night…” Haven’t we all been there? Hugh takes some solo time to Bixi around the city, but eventually decides to let it go and live in the Montreal moment with Stephane.

Eager to find out what happens next for Stephane and Hugh? The final episode of #MontrealBoy will air on May 5! Montreal Boy stars Francis Ducharme as Stephane and Matthew Ludwinski as Hugh, is directed by Olivier Labonté LeMoyne and co-written by LeMoyne and François Boulay. Fun fact: François Boulay also co-wrote the popular Quebecois film C.R.A.Z.Y directed by Jean-Marc Vallée!

Montreal Boy: Some Strings Attached” is the evolution of Tourisme Montreal’s unique LGBT tourism campaigns: From the quirky Queer Of The Year contest, which brought LGBT contestants to Montreal to compete for the QOTY title, to Do Your Thing in MTL, which brought LGBT talents to Montreal to use our city as their stage. Montreal is one of the most LGBT-friendly cities in the world, with an exciting Gay Village and home to two major LGBT festivals every year: Fierté Montreal Pride and Divers/Cité 

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