Montreal Cheese Shop: La Maison du Cheddar

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It’s a fact: We, the people of Quebec, love our cheeses. Maybe it’s because of our French origins? Or maybe it’s because we know a good thing when we see it (or eat it, in this case). We eat it as part of our meals, as a separate course after meals, and also as a snack. In fact, stop in any Quebec convenience store, and you’ll find cheese curds right at the counter with the chocolate bars. Yes, that’s how dedicated we are to cheese.

And I just found a new place with the freshest curd in Montreal…

La Maison du Cheddar cheese curds actually come from Fromagerie St-Guillaume, located near Drumondville, Quebec. Delivered every morning, it’s super fresh! The owners, Dominique Cormier and Jean-Pierre Gariépy, make it their mission to promote local cheeses. “Of course, we sell Roquefort. But if a client is looking for a blue cheese, I will recommend Bleu D’Elisabeth instead, since it’s made in Quebec. I want to push local products as much as I can,” shares Dominique. They also make a mean grilled cheese sandwich. There’s just no arguing with that.

For the uninitiated, here’s the low-down on cheese curds:
• Available by the bag at grocery or convenience stores (often right at the cash). No need to freak out about health issues: the cheese can be kept at room temperature in its sealed bag for up to a week.
• It squeaks when you eat it. Really.
• Some are saltier than others. The really salty ones are meant to be paired with Quebec beer.

(Bags of cheese curd are set right by the cash in Montreal grocery stores)

La Maison du Cheddar
1311 Van Horne, Montreal, Qc, H2V 1K7
(514) 904-0011
La Maison du Cheddar

Thursday and Friday: 10 am-8 pm
Saturday: 10 am -6 pm
Sunday: 12 pm to 5 pm

$3.50 for 50 grams of cheese curds.

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