Montreal Culture Pick: Pierre Lapointe

Posted on June 16th, 2009 by .

This talented 28-year-old artist sings about French prostitutes and forests of disappointed lovers, while spending his free time at a columbarium. Pierre Lapointe has reached local and international fame with his first two albums, while his latest one, Sentiments humains, was just released in April 2009. Read more to find out why you should pick up his album while you’re in town.
Pierre Lapointe became a Montréal icon within just a few months of releasing his first album in 2004, which is simply called Pierre Lapointe. A couple of years later he came out with La forêt des mal-aimés and Sentiments humains, both keeping in the same vein that made him famous. Pierre Lapointe’s music is a reminder of old French pop mixed with experimental beats and electronic music. He cites Barbara and Léo Ferré as influences, along with Madonna and Björk. Surprisingly enough, this combination works out perfectly for his bittersweet melodies.
Whether he spends an afternoon on Place des Abbesses in Paris, finds himself lost in a forest of disappointed lovers, or goes on a joyful journey to the columbarium, his soft voice talks about human emotions and depicts dark fables with memorable characters, such as the sexy and mysterious prostitute named Reine Émilie.
Montréal is always celebrated as a city that sits between North American and European cultures. This rings all the more true when you listen to Pierre Lapointe, whose distinctive persona, influenced by French surrealism and American glam rock, sits in between these two cultures. His sad circus is a vaudeville that’s all about human tragedies; it’s a moving universe that doesn’t quite belong to here and now, but is both retro and futuristic. It’s worth checking him out if you’re in town, and pick up his album before going back home.
Listen to Pierre Lapointe’s music and get the latest info about his upcoming shows on his official website:
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