Montreal Electronic Music Scene: I LOVE NEON

Posted on November 26th, 2009 by .

In London, the Ministry of Sound became a legendary nightclub in the 1990s, basically the British equivalent to New York’s Studio 54. They quickly gained popular attention and contributed to redefining the sound of the 90s, radically changing the music scene at the time. Kitsuné was created in 2002 in Paris. It’s more than a record company — it’s also an avant-garde fashion label that has introduced the world to a lot of cool electronic bands such as Hot Chip, Simian Mobile Disco and La Roux. Well, in Montreal, we also have our own influential local music collective: it’s called I LOVE NEON. Read the full story to find out why it’s like nothing else you’ve ever seen before.

I LOVE NEON was created in 1998 by friends Tiga, Justin Dallegret, Mark Dillon and John Hatz. They wanted to make it the most exciting club night in town and invited DJs from all over the world. Whether it’s Justice or Boys Noize, Crystal Castles or a Valentine’s Day Special Night with DFA Records and Hercules and Love Affair, I LOVE NEON likes to put on atypical concerts by bringing together awesome international DJs and musicians with local talent like Jordan Dare and Tiga. When you see a show organized by the I LOVE NEON collective, it’s not just a concert; the layout of the venue changes physically and visually, and elements of theatrical production and graphic design are also introduced onstage.

That’s why it’s so interesting to see an event put together by the I LOVE NEON crew, especially at the SAT (Society for Arts and Technology), an art gallery/event space/research centre devoted to promoting digital arts, both musical and visual, that is conveniently located on St. Laurent Blvd. It’s never the same; every event gives the audience something different. I LOVE NEON likes to play with the notion of space by transforming the interior of the SAT. By experimenting with crazy visuals and wild light effects, they create a unique experience you’re not likely to see anywhere else. I LOVE NEON is an excellent example of Montreal’s inner energy, and it’s a fairly accurate representation of the way we see creativity. With so many young creators and designers living in the city, we have developed our own language, our own way of mixing a range of artistic disciplines together, from music to graphic design, and lighting to cinema. You should definitely check out I LOVE NEON’S WEBSITE to find out when to catch the best of Montreal’s electronic music and digital art scene.



  1. joey

    / Nov 28th

    Greetings Mutek,

    I have just released an album called ‘Angry Muffin’ by Angry Muffin. It is on Alpha Milk Recordings and is available at virtually every store on the net. It is high quality, unique EDM with influences from a host of different styles. There is a VERY unique documentary to support this album, which can be viewed here:

    I was wondering if there is a chance I could be featured on your site. Please advise me on how to go about this.

    Any help is greatly appreciated,


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