Montreal Fashion Week: The Shows

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Montreal Fashion Week is right around the corner again, which means plenty of amazing shows to attend at the well-known Bonsecours Market. Personally, I love the fact that Fashion Week unravels in historic Old Montreal, giving it a unique touch of European glam. But what I love even more is that Montreal Fashion Week is so accessible for people who are not fashion industry professionals!
Every day during Fashion Week in Montreal, you will be able to get last minute tickets for select fashion shows for 25$ on, but make it quick before it’s sold out!
Now, let me share with you some very, very precious info. In fact, I have a surprise for you ladies and it involves at hot Russian man!
October 13th – Alex Kovalev
Girls, remember ALEX KOVALEV? Montreal’s hockey phenomenon heart throb. Our beloved MONTREAL CANADIANS’ CAPTAIN –so maybe he was only interim captain, but he always felt like the real captain to me. The man was more popular than the prime minister for goodness’ sake!
Yes, I know. We all wept when Kovy left us to play for Ottawa… but now he’s back!
Ok, not exactly for the same purpose…. He’s traded the Montreal ice rink for the Montreal runway. And we’re all overjoyed! This gives us ladies the chance to kill two birds with one stone: indulging in marvellous fashion while spoiling ourselves with amazing eye candy.
And this season, the Kovalev and Friends Foundation for Kids have organized an uber-exclusive benefit fashion show bringing together the east and the west with designs from ENVERS’ YVES JEAN LACASSE and Russian sensation TATYANA PARFIONOVA
And, yes, you can actually attend! Tickets are ON SALE! But once the word is out, these tickets will fly, so you better make it quick!
October 14th & October 15th  – More Hot Shows
EVE GRAVEL (8pm) and SOÏA ET KYO (9pm) are the two shows I will be attending on Wednesday. As for Thursday, all eyes will be on BARILÀ’s modern take on boho-chic fashion (7pm), and HELMER’S incredible patchwork (8pm). Then DENIS GAGNON’S stunning collections (9pm) will, as always, crown the festivities of Montreal Fashion Week.
October 16th – Fashion on Film


Also, Montreal Fashion Week invites you to the Canadian preview of “September Issue” on October 16 at 7pm and 9pm. This film gives a behind-the-scenes look of the life of Anna Wintour, the legendary editor-in- chief of Vogue, who for the past 20 years has been one of fashion’s most important figures. Wintour has never allowed people to film her, so take advantage of this opportunity to meet the woman behind the bob and the dark sunglasses. Tickets are on sale at la CINÉMATÈQUE QUÉBÉCOISE and yes it will be sold out. So again, get there early!
All this being said, I hope you guys have a wonderful Montreal Fashion Week, take pictures of your outfits, of your best friends outfits and send them to me at .
I will do a post on the best pictures I receive!

Montreal Fashion Week
October 13 – October 15 2009
At Bonsecours Market
350 St Paul E
(514) 872-7730

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