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Montreal Fashion Week may have just ended and fashionistas all over the city are now sleeping off the shows, after parties and after-after parties, but we’ve got the video to prove we were paying attention…

Our Patricia Gajo has been running around all week covering the event, so it has fallen to me to do a little writeup on this video. Which is something, as anyone whose read some of my posts could imagine, I am ridiculously unqualified to do. From what I can tell, there were a lot of lights, pretty girls and clothes from Samuel Dong, Yves Jean Lacasse and Cluc Couture.

(TIP: I hear “shirts” are going to be HUUUGE this year)

Montreal Fashion Week


  1. Jai

    / Jul 26th

    Hey there… I was hoping that I could get one of your talented bloggers to write some hype on this;!__royalty-free-designs

    All I ask is one minor mention of “Jai Deco” as the artist / designer of the Patterns.

    I’ve just released these collections to the Industry; Intended for Canadian: Fashion and Interior Designers, Manufacturers,etc. Whether it’s for Projects, Products or Productions…

    Give your readers the inside scoop; maybe associate it with the houndstooth pattern…

    I just step aside and let you work your magic… This is something to truly be excited for.



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