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I often tell you that Montreal is a unique place for food and food culture. With more than 6,000 restaurants, bistros and cafés, Montréal pas the most restaurants per capita in all of North America. Yes, yes, you’ve heard me say it many times before, so I thought that I’d let you hear it from someone else this time!

Find out what some journalists and bloggers from NY and Boston I met last week have to say about Montreal…

In addition to what I got on tape, here are some of the other quotes from fans of Montreal food:

• Alison Arnett, blogger for Romancing Diner and former restaurant critic and chief food writer for the Boston Globe:
“Dining in Montreal is a lifestyle. It’s not just a matter of eating. Montrealers enjoy themselves and take their time. Americans don’t allow themselves to eat that way. It’s considered a luxury.”

• Alison Stein Wellner, blogger for and
“I clearly remember the first time I had a bagel in Montreal. I stopped talking. It was so good! I was in shock. As a New Yorker, I always thought the best bagels were from my hometown.”

• Jim Poris, Senior Editor of Food Arts:
“In general, Canadians, and in this case Montrealers, are lustier, more open and less doctrinaire than Americans about what they eat – particularly when it comes to “la cuisine gastronomique.” Montreal and all of Quebec is one of the best places to dine and seek out great food in North America, whether it is high or lower cuisine.”

Meanwhile, I also had the chance to meet JD Rinne from budget travel Jen Murphy from Food and wine, and Athena Yang of FinanceFoodie none of whom has ever been to Montreal. I tried to convince them to come to the Montreal High Lights Festival in February.

If I wasn’t convincing enough, hopefully the above quotes are! I’d love to take them out to my favourite restaurants around Montreal.

• Pssst: While in Boston, I ate at the Petit Robert Bistro. They serve ciabatta from Montreal’s Pain Doré bakery! The owner Jacky Robert told me there was no bread in Boston as good as what we get in Montreal, so he buys it from a distributor in Boston. Isn’t that incredible?

And you, what do you think of Montreal gastronomy?

(with Athena Yang of

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