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Montreal is the best place to celebrate Gay Pride. This city is a cultural and diversity hot bed with so much to offer. The people, the community, the clubs, the weather, everything just always seems to shine brightly during Fierte Montreal Pride. Don’t believe me? Maybe you’ll trust the words of 4 Montreal Gay Icons…

Kat Coric with artist Yunus Chkirate

KAT CORIC is a Montreal icon and respected activist on the international scene for her life work in HIV/AIDS and Drug Prevention. Presented with the Coup de Coeur Award by the Quebec Council of Gays and Lesbians in 2010. She’s also a kick-ass art agent, instigator and rocks leather chaps or a Chanel suit equally fiercely. Find her here.

I am most excited for the t-dance that happens at Parc Émilie Gamelin. The T-dance is always guaranteed fun because its outside in the fresh air, its always well attended and the music is amazing with the best in local DJ talent. I am also excited for Café des Arts because Yunus Chkirate and Charlotte Greenwood are exhibiting their works of art. Also, the greatest thing about being at Celebrations de la Fierté is the incredible feeling of love and freedom that is in the air. Montrealers are educated and tolerant of one another. I love that! We dont care what sexuality you are, just as long as you are here to dance and have fun. This is something special that we have here and I hope the world is watching. Also there are lots of Leather Daddies: They’re fun, they have HARD hairy muscle chests you can lean on, they grab you by your tiny waist with their big strong arms and make you feel all safe and comfy. What’s not to love? GAY PRIDE 2011, IT’S FUN!

Mado Lamotte

MADO is a world renowned Drag Queen, entertainer, singer and author who owns the premiere Drag cabaret in Montreal: Cabaret Mado. An electrifying personality and quick wit has launched this Queen to the top!

I think Montreal is one of the best place to celebrate pride because we have a way of living that is so cool and accepting that we don’t need to scream for our rights much anymore. Of course there always will be stupid people who judge our way of living but generally the population of Montreal is very welcoming and accepting toward the gay community. And what I like the most about Montreal’s pride is that it’s celebrated not only by gay people but by most of the population of Montreal. This is how fabulous Montreal is!

Richard "Bugs" Burnett

RICHARD “BUGS” BURNETT writes the POP TART blog for The Montreal Gazette and Canada’s national Three Dollar Bill column and blog.

Some folks question in this increasingly “post-gay” world whether we still need Gay Pride. And I say, “Yes, we do!” I was one of the original organizers of Montreal’s gay Divers/Cité Festival and a couple weeks ago when I asked the same question to Divers/Cité co-founder Suzanne Girard – one of my personal heroes – she scolded me: “There will always be Pride parades!” Suzanne told me. “You need them for the youth. They will always need to come out and it’s always hard.” Divers/Cité passed the Pride baton on to Fierté Montreal Pride in 2007, and I’m so happy Fierté Montreal Pride have continued my favourite moment during the parade each and every year: The minute of silence, in remembrance of all of those who cannot be with us, and to all of those we have lost to AIDS. When tens of thousands of people along the parade route raise their fists up in the air in silence, it still gets me right here. It’s also what sets Montreal’s Pride parade apart from every other Pride parade I’ve attended around the world. This year during the parade the minute of silence will begin at 2:30 p.m.

Jean-Pierre Pérusse (middle)

JEAN-PIERRE PÉRUSSE is the Founder of Radical5, Artist, Actor, Artistic Director of Bad Boys Club Montreal, Activist, Inspiration, and director of many productions in the Gay Circuit that have all received international acclaim. Find him at Pride 2011 at Cafe des Arts.

Montreal is the best place to celebrate pride because it’s a homegrown but inclusive pride that we love to share with the world! The open-mindness of this city makes it a place where a person can flourish personally, commonalty, sexually and artistically setting the stage for an ambiance and experience that you won’t find anywhere else. That ‘‘je ne sais quoi ’’ that makes you want more! May it be by it’s variety of artists, shows and exhibitions like the open-air and engaging Café des Arts Exhibition, by the record breaking number of organizations and community groups, businesses and sports teams run by and/or catering to the LGBTA community at the of Community Day or the over the top, indoor and outdoor parties, mainlining international and local DJ’s like STEPHAN GRONDIN at the Mega T-Dance at Emilie-Gamelin Parc, or the ceremonial and emotional minute of silence during the parade to honor those that are gone and have fought for our rights, there is NO WAY you can be bored or not find something that will make fall in love with this city. I’m a native montrealer and I love Montreal, but most of all, I’m proud!


Fierte Montreal Pride, August 9-14, 2011


  1. Queno

    / Aug 5th

    And nobody asks me? Well, Richard, Mado and Kat couldnt say better. Montréal rocks when it’s time of partying and being proud! Trust them!

  2. Mike Rouel

    / Aug 7th

    btw.. Mado, you rock! And Richard, always a pleasure to read your articles! Keep it up 🙂

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