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Each month THE MONTRÉAL BUZZ features five gay or gay-friendly things to do or see around the city. Recommendations range from parties to bistros to festivals to boutiques to cultural events.

Here are some suggestions for the month of September.


[restaurant] NÜVÜ

Montreal’s Gay Village has a ton of great eating options, ranging from trendy bistros (where you can bring your own wine), to vintage grease spoons where you can get your post-bar poutine fix. But the newest addition to the scene is unarguably the most chic place to be seen. With each day of the week offering up a theme (ranging from “Dance” to “Tokyo” to  “Fashion”), the restaurant is a visual and culinary treat. And if you’re on a tighter budget, opt for the brunch. For September, NüVü is definitely the coolest destination in the village. 1336 Rue Sainte-Catherine East.



There has always been a strong link between visual arts and music. Contemporary icons, such as Lady Gaga and OK Go, continue the reference and expand upon the inventive works of preceding visual artists. The Montreal Contemporary Art Museum has curated an international offering of visual artists, all who use music as a primary element in their creations. Until September 29.


[festival] POP MONTREAL

As the coolest grass-roots creative event of the year, the Pop Montreal festival presents more than 400 artists in the realms of music, fashion, film and visual art. And did I mention stellar parties? If you’re a gay with a flair for style and originality, you won’t wanna miss this festival. And if you’re not, you can still sit back and watch all the hipsters while you relish the lovely sounds of Macy Gray. September 29 – October 6.


[off the beaten path] QUEER SLOWDANCE NIGHT

In a world of hyper-speed dance remixes and twitter-like attention spans, it’s lovely to take a moment and sway slowly to a ballad from the 80’s. Fortunately Montreal has an event dedicated to the time-honored intimacy of the slowdance.  Your $10 admission will get you a dance card, and you can fill it up with the names of the attractive folks with whom you’d like to sashay. And guess what? Yours truly will be a designated dancer. So if you’re in town, come give me a three-minute hug while we rock gently to The Righteous Brothers. Saturday, September 18.


[cocktails] GOTHA SALON

Gotha features a mixed clientele: gay/straight, young/old, English/French, locals/visitors. I like this mix, but it’s the ambience that really does it for me. With warm orange chairs and ever-evolving artistic installations, the décor is stimulating without assaulting the eyes. And as autumn approaches, Gotha keeps us warm with a glowing fireplace. 1641 Amherst Street.


October Teaser: Don’t forget to mark Canadian Thanksgiving on your calendar! The 20th annual massive party “Black & Blue” will be happening in Montreal from October 6 -12!

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