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One of the best ways to feel refreshed on any weekend getaway is to get your hair cut and styled. In Montréal, Salon Belle Époque is a classy choice for sophisticated ladies and gentlemen.

Since it’s inception in November, Salon Belle Époque has immediately become a ‘stylistic institution’ in Montréal. Why? Because of Sheldon Gerbrandt, a hesitant Montréal icon. Sheldon self-identifies as an anti-socialite who has tried every Montréal scene. He has his finger on the stylistic pulse of the city, understanding current trends, and how they can be translated into fabulous hair.

Along with his adorable business partner Freida, Sheldon is redefining what the salon experience can be.

“We wanted something different, more old school, not a ‘hair-factory.’ We wanted a returning to the Belle Époque, the ‘beautiful era’ – whether you’re 20, 40, 60… whatever age you are, it’s time to take advantage of looking and feeling your best.”

Check out the video to meet Mr. Sheldon, and to see where he thinks the best place would be to rock your new hair…



Salon Belle Époque

4433 Boulevard Saint Laurent


Appointments recommended


What to Do: A visit to the Contemporary Art Museum would look great with that new haircut. Or simply pop your head into the funky shops on Boulevard Saint Laurent (between Sherbrooke and Ave des Pins) to find a new smashing outfit.

Where to Stay: If ‘classy’ is the theme for your haircut and your weekend, I suggest booking a room at the Opus Hotel (corner of Sherbrooke and Saint Laurent) – modern design with a nod to history in chic Montreal style.

Where to Eat: Since you’re already on ‘The Main,’ I recommend L’Atelier for a delicious dining experience, followed by a relaxed drink at Sparrow.


From the street.

The salon from the street.

Classy waiting area.

You guessed it! The hair washing station.

This is the washing station. Clearly.

Your ever-adventurous Montréal Insider gets a trim.


  1. Nice boutique and well maintained!

  2. nikisha

    / Dec 27th

    Sheldon has done my hair for years…I fly from vancouver B.C. to see him, every 4 weeks! Not only does he smell good, but he is hot! He is the funniest bitch ever!!! Oh and my god the talent!!!! I’m an over eater, not that you can tell when he finishes my hair! I could wear the wings and do the victoria secret cat walk when he’s done! I can thank him for all the men I’ve met! He puts the flame in my fire ya’ alll! Great conversation! Hot dude that smells good…..what more do single women want??

  3. Denise Sheehy

    / Mar 13th

    Sheldon did my hair once, amazing and now i can’t find him…salon is closed oh my god !!!

  4. Sarah

    / May 11th

    Sheldon!! I hope you are well my friend. I need your new info and I need you!! Please email me your new location or number so I can come and see you my hair needs an artists touch!!

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