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Halloween is supposed to be for children. It’s basically about costumes and candy. But adults decided fairly early on that they still wanted both tricks and/or treats on October 31st and Halloween has since become one of the wildest nights of the year. Montreal is no exception…

If you’ve been reading this blog and watching my videos regularly it might not surprise you that I’m not a huge one for costumes. This is not a recent development caused by the onset of adult cynicism. As a kid, I had two costumes: hobo (ratty clothes, dirt on face) or toilet paper zombie (wrap entire body in toilet paper). Basically the thinking was “is this enough to get the candy?”. Don’t get me wrong, adults dressing up for Halloween is endlessly entertaining, from the ubiquitous “sexy” costumes (sexy nurse, sexy witch, sexy kitten) which seem largely an excuse not to wear pants, to the disheveled 2 in the morning version of the costume that had made sense hours before, I’m glad everyone goes for it. But what I do love is a good party, so here are a couple Halloween-themed evenings for you and yours…

If you want to get things started early (or simply get 2 nights out of that costume you slaved over), Il Motore is hosting a Hallows Eve’ Eve party off on Friday, October 30th. Hosted by Dan Derkson, the night will have costumes, prizes and “a sprinkling of evil”. Music will be provided by The Franco Proietti Morph-tet, The Schomberg Fair and featuring The Unsettlers, a “10 piece band of transducing troubadours who specialize in funeral dirges for the living. Dark polkas, menacing waltzes and horse-drawn lullabies filtered through a turn of the century whiskey soaked saloon”. Sounds about right.

I Love Neon’s Voyeur Halloween at SAT has become a yearly tradition and is probably one of the most over-the-top, hedonistic and wild-as-all-get-out nights going. In short, if you want to go big on Halloween, this is the place for you. Jordan Dare and guests are dj’ing and judging by folks in this Halloween Costume gallery, don’t come dressed as toilet-paper zombie.

If you want to combine some great bands, both French and English, with your Hallows eve, try L’Escogriffe. You’ve got Bon Vivant, Laureate, Golden Isles and The Breezes. And, if you’re really keen, L’Esco is even having a pre-pre Halloween two days before on the 29th.

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