Montreal hot dogs: steamed or toasted?

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Montreal is known for having hot dogs that are just ever so slightly different from those you find in the rest of Canada or the USA. And so, to really put the dog to the test, I called on Tom Johansmeyers, a New York-based blogger for Gadling and self-proclaimed hot dog expert.

Ok, let’s start with the similarities: NY and both include grilled sausages. The difference lies in the way the bun is prepared. In Montreal, you have the choice between a steamed bun (locally called steamé) or a toasted bun (locally called toasté) for added crispiness. And then there are the toppings. In Montreal, an all-dressed dog comes with mustard, chopped onion and coleslaw, which is essentially the same as what you get in the big apple. And yet, Tom, the New Yorker, seemed pretty impressed with the Montreal dog. The difference is clearly in the buns…

Another thing worth noting is that Montreal dogs are traditionally eaten with poutine, instead of regular French fries. And don’t get too excited (or confused) if the waitress offers you a liqueur with that. She doesn’t mean a shot of Bailey’s. “Liqueur” is the French Canadian word for soda.

For a really traditional experience, you can go to Mont-Royal Hot Dog (established in 1965) or the Montreal Pool Room (established in 1912).

Montreal Pool Room
1200 St-Laurent Blvd., Montreal QC, (514) 396-0460

Mont-Royal Hot Dog
1001 Mont-Royal Ave. East, Montreal QC, H2J 1X7
Weekdays: 7 am to 1 am
Weekends: 8 am to 1 am
One toasted hot dog: $1.65

(left= steamed, right= toasted)

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